One effective way to quit smoking.

Say 'No' to smoking, say 'Yes' to a healthier you! All image credits go to Isabel Bloedwater:
Say ‘No’ to smoking, say ‘Yes’ to a healthier you!
All image credits go to Isabel Bloedwater:

Do you want to quit smoking? Ofcourse you do else you wouldn’t be reading this, or maybe you’re just wondering how I manage to kick a habit that is hard for most smokers to do…well if you need just a little help in the right direction I have this secret…one effective way to keep your nicotine hunger at bay…and you’re probably not going to like it!

I like to think I don’t have an addictive personality…

Once I needed change so went into a corner shop and bought a pack of sour apple Chewits, I had never tried them before but I ended up loving them so much I bought 20 packs. That day I left the store without any change.

When I first started University and everyone went out partying, I did too…in fact I outdid most by going out almost every night, then I realised I was probably getting a little too addicted to drinking, and partying…but really in all honesty I think I was probably tired of it…

So you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this when I did promise (somewhat lightly) that I had a really good way for you to kick the habit? Patience…I’ll reveal the secret soon enough…

I remember standing outside my halls, where everyone congregated outside to smoke (until we all wised up and realised just as long as you don’t get caught you could probably get away with smoking inside) and saying “actually I only started smoking a few months ago”…well… that was 3 years ago, so, maybe I am addicted? To smoking? maybe…or maybe I’m just addicted to being addicted..

So like I said I use to think that I wasn’t a smoker, but eventually social smoking turned into a regular thing till’ it reached a point when every time I was stressed I found myself holding a devil stick, then every time I was hungry, angry, sad, mad, happy, sleepy…you get my point.

A few weeks ago I tried this fitness video called ‘Insanity’ (maybe you’ve heard of it?) if you haven’t heard of it, its this video you’re suppose to do everyday for 2 months and if you’ve followed it religiously, you’re suppose to end up looking like a beach god…or at least thats what I feel like you ought to look because 10 minutes into the work out…fine…shamelessly I only made it to the fitness test. I found myself sweating and having to run to the toilet as I vomited what felt like everything I’d eaten over the past 3 years. Shamelessly I turned the video off, now I have to explain that before I started University I was an avid runner, loved playing volleyball, hockey, netball and used to cheerlead, but that was all before I took up a new hobby, smoking.

They say smoking affects you’re breathing, yes it does. But naively I thought I’d still be active enough to work out for 10 minutes without feeling like death. Thats when I realised I was going to love myself more than nicotine so decided to quit…a week later in the midst of writing a very important assignment, I found myself getting so worked up and stressed that I thought…hey why not…So I did the unthinkable…I light on up. Then another…and another…4 cigarettes later I realised my one week of victory had burnt out in a puff of smoke…ironically…

I know that people say the first week of quitting is the hardest, and I was pretty much over that hurdle…but what can I say…when you’re addicted, you’re addicted, and thats a pretty hard demon to battle.

Like I said before I never like to think I’m addicted to anything, so never have I invested in an ashtray, if I have an ashtray it automatically means I’ll be smoking every day and yes I know, I do that anyway, but still its what the ashtray represents that gets me the most. So in the night in question where I was working on an assignment I didn’t know anything about, smoking those cigarettes I shouldn’t have, I was tapping my ash into a McDonalds cup (you know those ones with a lid and a straw?) where else was I going to put it?

So there I was tapping away furiously, still not really understanding what it was I was analysing, determined not to have another cigarette when I remembered something I’d read online about drinking to counteract the nicotine pangs, when I picked up my McDonalds cup and took a sip…

It took me a few seconds too long to realise that I was actually drinking my own ashy cola, and eventually spat it back out…but it was too late…the taste was there. I remember thinking, theres no rock bottom from here is there? I tried to drink away the taste, tried to chew gum etc. But nothing could take away that memory, nothing could take away that taste, of ash, coke, and shame.

But aside from that awful moment, I did take away one positive thing, and that is that I can no longer stand the taste or even the smell of cigarettes…the thought of it makes me want to vomit, and that taste just keeps coming back every time I think of a cigarette.

So if you want to stop smoking, then maybe you should try that? Perhaps you could let me know what happens…even if doesn’t help you to quit smoking, then at least I can have someone to share that very special, disgusting moment with.


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