From her to you 

You know when you’re lost for words… well this guy finds those words and puts it into a tragically beautiful piece of art… If you’re going to read anything today, let it be this! ❤

Let's talk about the L word!

I wonder why I write all this stuff without any hope of it being read by the only one who should. The one who seems sadly unreachable. I honestly don’t even want or expect her to do it, her absence is gifting enough.

When her immutable silence still matters more than the sweetest comment of yours. And don’t think I despise your comments, I love them, but I love her more. Always will.

When I’m cold enough to fool myself into thinking this comes from me when it actually is and has always been born through her. Should her name be the one to appear signed at the bottom of all my compositions? Would “Lídia” figure better than “Ricardo”? Well it’s shorter, lighter, definitely lovelier.

This is me saying what she won’t hear. Hurting how I hope she does not. Feeling what she never forced me to, but after all, she is the only one I found…

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