At what point does it become too late to reply?

At what point does it become too late to reply?

Recently I was faced this question when upon going to text someone I realised they had texted me a month before and I hadn’t replied…

You see when I first got the text I was busy and made a mental note to reply later on.

Then later on came along and I forgot. When I finally remembered about needing to reply, a week had already gone by, I then followed that by questioning whether texts had an expiry date and if so what was it? 1 week? 2 weeks after? Well after pondering that thought for a further 2 weeks, 3 weeks had already passed and I had long forgotten to reply.

So when a month later I thought, it would be nice to text “so and so” today, I found myself in the face of the dilemma…

When does it become too late to reply?

I chose to confess and tell them that it completely slipped my mind that they had texted and thanked them for their message. No, I didn’t get a reply. It has been less than a month so by my social protocol, I think they’re still okay.

But seriously, I’m the queen of Googling. You ask it, I google it. A lady at work still laughs about the time we were put in charge to slice up a cake for the whole office and as there are quite a few of us I wanted to make sure we cut the cake fairly… I’m not good with numbers so anything beyond cutting something in half goes over me, so what do I do? I google it!
Along she came with the cake “Jessy what are you doing?” Then I sheepishly tried to swipe my screen away but not before she could see that I had googled “how to slice a cake 24 ways.” I digress.

So basically I decided to google, at what point does it become too late to text back and there was hardly anything about it but loads of people asking the same thing.

I mean some messages are time sensitive if it came to making or confirming plans, but what about all the other stuff?

Is it just me or is the updated messaging systems like iMessage on the iPhone, whatsapp and even on Facebook messenger made to guilt people like me who are lazy testers? Why does it have to have a read notification so that the sender can see if their message has been read and whether their recipient are ignoring them? I feel like it’s causing all sorts of trouble because I’m just terrible at keeping up with stuff like that!

My friends know me by now and know that texting is the worst way to keep in touch with me…

I think on the subject of at what point is it too late? I would say more than a day and it’s too late…

And if you are asking this same question, my advice would be just stick to calling people up…

Or do as they used to do, send a letter, that way if it takes a month to get a reply then you can take your time too (and then blame it on the mail man!)

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday but most importantly, you proud everyday!

Peace and Love

Jessy x


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