Complaints of a lazy person: Why are train carriages so long?

Lately I’ve noticed how lazy I’ve become. I used to enjoy playing sports, going out, staying active. Nowadays my spare time is spent at home, usually in front of the computer or sleeping. Don’t get me wrong, I get plenty of action… by that I mean during the week I’m on the go all the time that as soon as it’s the weekend my body is like blehhhhhhh.

On a daily basis I find myself running after public transport, for the most part it’s the train home that I find myself raising my heartbeat for. Usually I’m late finishing in the office and that means that my already 2 hour/ 2 and a half hours commute is made even longer, with that added by London peak times where you’re it’s a lucky day if your feet have enough room and you aren’t being leant on by a fellow passenger using you for support.

Needless to say that as soon as I get into London Bridge station I do my best Usain Bolt impression and dash to my platform before the herd of commuters take all the prime spots, unfortunately for me, the trains I usually catch are about 12 carriages long and usually my destination station would be located at the front of the train upon arrival and therefore if I was ‘lazy’ and only dashed to the 12th and final carriage I would incur quite a walk (added with the battle of being stuck in people traffic of people getting off at the same station as me) so instead I choose to walk the 12 carriage length platform in my brogues acting like the walk does not bother me.


It does for several reasons, 1 because we already established I’m lazy. 2 because on this day I realised I wore the wrong pair of shoes for a marathon. 3 because I constantly fear for my life when an angry business man or an idiot on a bike knocks into me when I’m already close to the platform edge and there’s basically a mile long gap between the platform and the carriage (there isn’t but it’s a sizeable gap and if I were to fall through I doubt any of my fellow commuters would be willing to give up their primo train spot to rescue me) and finally 4 because I do not and can not understand why they make trains 12+ carriages long and yet there is still not enough room for everyone!

The walk from carriage 12 to carriage 1 is like a journey through the jungle of people traffic, every day is a new challenge and still over a year on from this same journey I’m still surprised at how far 12 lengths of carriages actually is. It sounds crazy but it’s not just me who thinks about getting on the right carriage that will stop just outside the entrance and therefore the competition is tight. I’m a willing participant and 9/10 I win and get a coveted spot in carriage 1 or 2 but boy do I work for it!

You’re probably thinking, what are you going on about? If you find yourself asking this question I would like you to go to your nearest train station, find a train that is train carriages long, wait until 5pm or whenever it’s the busiest time of the day and then try and walk from one end of the carriage to the other and see how easy it is, see how long the journey takes! I’m sure you’ll agree that your hate for public transport will grow.

Last year, TFL (transport for London) were doing this whole campaign on getting longer trains so that more people could use it, meaning less waiting time. A train longer than 12 carriages? Well if that’s the case, I may as well walk to East Croydon station! By the time I get to the last carriage I would have probably walked half way to the station anyway!

I think they should make shorter trains but run more frequently, that way the herds of people would be cut down and there wouldn’t be a marathon for commuters, also people would be less inclined to cram in to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd carriage meaning I could experience a train ride that didn’t involve me getting acquainted to my train buddy who I’m very sure physically knows the shape of my body by now.

This may just be a complaint of a lazy person but I do believe my argument is just.

Make more trains, less carriages and everyone’s happy.

Or maybe I should just use my gym membership more and train for my daily sprint?

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday but most importantly, you proud everyday!

Peace and Love

Jessy x


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