Are they your biggest fan? The importance of having the support of your partner.

When you’re in a serious and committed relationship you become a unit. You work as a team and through good and bad you stick together in order to survive in your relationship. Life is hard enough without working against each other.

In my life I’ve found it hard to allow myself to be supported by anyone when it comes to things that are purely for myself. I’ve always found my job choices, my decisions about my journey have always been for me and something I’ve had to get used to is adjusting to a life where you have to consciously think about someone else before making any serious decisions. Even though I’ve been with my partner for over 3 years everyday is a learning process.

I am grateful to have found someone so willing to join me in every part of my journey through life, good and bad.

I’m the type of person who wants to try anything and everything and because of this I find myself going on strange adventures that most will probably find absurd, but not my partner, often he is the one right beside me, willing to go on the ride with me.

Everyday I have an exciting new business venture I am desperate to try and my partner is always first to offer to be my investor, even when he felt like there was a chance I would fail.

A few months ago, after one of my frequent Pinterest trawls, I decided I would create Jars filled with things to do a manicure on yourself. I had already created a miniature version for my sister’s birthday last year but this time I was so convinced I could do it well enough to sell. I explained this to my partner when he reminded me how sure I was that my DIY shoe business would take off and that my excitement ended as quickly as it had started. With my argument for why I should do this business, I sat him down to explain why I was sure that this time I would complete my project. After making me promise to follow through with my idea, he agreed to back my project up and thus began my manicure in a jar business.

Now whilst I completed making the jars, I’ve not actually got around to selling them. I worked hard to source affordable items to put into the jars, I made my own flower jar toppers, I spoke to various friends in business and asked them for advice and I really thought this time I would be able to show my partner profit. However as soon as I completed the jars, I lost complete confidence in myself and put them away, everyday convincing myself that no one would ever pay money for them. You see I made the mistake any inexperienced business people make, I made my products with too many frills and they became so expensive that I would have to sell them at a high price in order to make minimal profit.

Once my partner clocked on to this, he comforted me. He didn’t shout, he didn’t say I told you so… Instead he told me that as soon as I felt confident enough, we could put them up for sale and people would flock to buy them.

So why am I telling you this story? It’s because it’s my one example of how my partner has shown me that he is one of my biggest fans, and that to me is incredibly important.

Support doesn’t just come in the form of financial support, emotional support is also important.

They say a woman can really flourish when they’re loved ones believe in them, self belief can get you far in life but when you have loved ones who rally to cheer you on, hell it feels like you can do anything.

I’ve always lacked confidence in my life and unfortunately the company I have kept over the years has really done a number on my ego.

Luckily for me I have found someone who has dedicated his time to building up my self esteem, he never makes me feel afraid to try something new, he never tells me I can’t do something.

I know whatever business venture I try out he will be the first person to buy, to encourage, to promote…and why? Because he says he knows it makes me happy.

And just like he cheers me on, I in turn share his passions, I go for rides with him, I follow his dreams and his goals and they become mine, because I know it’s what makes him happy too.

Without my partners support, I don’t know if I’d always be brave enough to try new things. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t rely on my partner to encourage me to do anything, he encourages me to be independent and to be brave enough to go for things on my own, to have courage to try even if I fail and to allow for these experiences to improve myself.

I am a strong, independent person with some truly great and supportive “fans”.

My partner is my biggest fan, I am his biggest fan, we work together to make our dreams a reality and we know that the hardships we endure now will someday be a memory because together we motivate each other to work hard and succeed. He doesn’t just support me as a financial investor in my hair brained schemes, he also invests emotionally and with his time. He’s often the first to read my blogs, he always helps m come up with inventive, creative projects. In fact when I first started writing again after giving it up for many years, I found it terrifying to post them on WordPress. He encouraged me to be brave enough to open up with my experiences and write them for others to read, in the beginning, I had a nice group of frequent readers, then one day I got my first follower, 3 years later I found that that first follower was still a frequent visitor to my blog, they would like and share my posts all the time. One day I decided to show my gratitude and write to this follower but unfortunately they didn’t have an account… So after some sleuthing I found that my mysterious loyal follower was none other than… My partner. I had spent years, thinking that I was forcing him to read my blogs and that he provides me with feedback because I had to… I felt guilt until I discovered that behind the scenes he was my secret fan who helped encourage to be brave enough to share my experiences…. Even though I thought that he was my only reader, I knew that they read every post and I wanted to give them something to rely on, read and enjoy.. All this time it was my partner, and even though his secret was revealed he continues to surprise me in the ways he shows his support and love in all my endeavours… Even if sometimes it costs him…

In relationships, it’s easy to forget to think about the little things, asking about someone’s day, attending events for your partner, they are all incredibly important factors in creating a healthy and safe relationship.

Being your partners biggest fan, helps provide them with a stable ground to grow and experiment, it allows them to know that succeed or fail they have someone who can share that experience with.

Be their shoulder when they fail, be their anchor when they win, one day the hardships you endure together, will pay off in your happiness and in your success that you can share together.

Celebrations are more fun when you share it with your loved ones!

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday and you proud everyday.

Peace and Love,

Jessy x


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