Happy Halloween 2015! Spooky Stories to make your spine tingle!

In light of Halloween I wanted to share with you 4 scary stories that happened to me and or someone close to me…


1. When I was in Year 6, I had a friend, Tom* he was in the year below me and my younger sister Kaycee* was 4 years younger than me. We lived in a very small village called Moorhaven and there were only a few kids in our village who attended Ugborough Primary School. Because of this we had a separate mini bus to take us to and from school. Our bus would drop us off at the bottom of our road. My friend Tom* lived at number 5 and we lived in number 1, he lived at the very end of our road so we often walked home together. On this particular occasion it was an unseasonably warm day and the sky was high in the sky. We were all exchanging stories of the day and laughing at each others stories when something caught our eye and we ceased our laughter. My sister completely oblivious to what Tom* and I had seen. Our abrupt silence frightened Kaycee* and she moaned for us to tell her why we weren’t talking. After a few minutes of stunned silence we finally looked at each other, each as scared as the other we finally shared with each other what we had seen. There in broad daylight we saw a woman dressed in a white gown, with short dark hair, run into Tom’s* family’s open shed. We both the same thing, there was nothing strange about the situation except Tom* didn’t know who she was or what she could possibly want from their shed. We egged each other to investigate. We walked to the shed and aside from the normal shed items such as bikes and lawnmower, there was nothing else in there, definitely not a fully grown woman in a long white dress. We searched the back of the shed even though we didn’t see anyone exit the shed through the back, there was nothing back there except the blackberry bushes which would have definitely shredded her dress if she had escaped that way. To this day we cannot explain how we both saw the same thing, without having put it into each others minds before, since that day I haven’t seen it again but whenever I visit my family, I can’t help but look away when I go past the shed.

2. When I was 14 years old, we went to the Philippines and visited my family in the province. One of my favourite memories as a kid was when we used to visit my grandparents and we would all go to a place called “Karayan” where we would go for picnics and swimming. This particular year we decided to go on our trip but instead of going to our usual spot, we went somewhere north of our usual swimming spot. This spot was known to locals as the river of the souls, apparently, during 12:00pm everyday the souls would come to bathe in the river for 1 minute, in order to pay your respects, you would have to be quiet for that 1 minute. No matter what you were doing, you would have to stop, and just stand still. This fact didn’t scare us, we played, we screamed, we enjoyed ourselves. As a person who had been away from the Philippines and their superstitious ways, I didn’t take these stories seriously. As the time grew closer to 12pm my cousins began to quieten down. One of my cousins whispered to me, she thought it would be so funny to pretend to go to the deep end of the river and pretend to drown. I don’t know why but I thought this was a great idea and as I swam deeper and deeper the more excited I was and I was unaware of how close it was to 12pm. I finally reached my spot and I looked at my cousin who nodded and we began to scream and bob up and down imitating to drown. I heard in a distance one of my cousins shouting at us to be quiet as it was almost 12pm, whilst my cousin ceased her joke, I continued, I was all in and I wanted to be convincing. I screamed and screamed and then I felt something grab my foot, fear took over me as I was dragged under water, my foot was caught on a branch but as I opened my eyes, I saw a face inches from me, in utter terror I screamed and ended up gulping water, in what felt like forever, I was slowly running out of air but my mind never thought to untangle myself and swim up. Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back to the surface. I was scolded for not listening and we went home after that incident. That night I suffered a severe fever and was taken to hospital. I was very ill and delirious. To this day I am convinced that my illness was due to my disrespect that afternoon. Or all that water I swallowed when I almost drowned.

3. This story is a two parter… My best friend Amy* and her siblings love ghost stories, and one evening I was sleeping over at her house when her and her step father James* told me “true” ghost stories of the past. They told me of their first shared experience of ghosts, it occurred one evening when James* and Amy’s* Mum, Sally* who had been dating for some time and hey brought Amy* and her siblings to stay at house James* shared with his grandparents. his grandmother had passed away a short while ago, before Sally* was able to meet her and James’ grandfather was in hospital. That evening they went to bed, Amy* and her three brothers went to sleep in one of the rooms. Sally* and James* in another room, James’* bed was pushed up against a wall so that one side was exposed. James* slept by the wall and Sally* slept on the exposed side. In the middle of the night, Sally* woke up and she couldn’t breathe, she felt something pressing hard on her chest and when she opened her eyes, she saw an elderly lady leaning across her trying to reach James*. She tried to scream but no sound could come out, she tried to move but she couldn’t, she felt paralysed and helpless and wanted desperately to wake James’ up but she couldn’t get his attention. She closed her eyes for a few minutes and when she opened them again she regained her ability to move again and she could find no trace of the woman. A few hours later, a tearful little boy, Amy’s* brother ran into their bedroom, waking James* and Sally* up. He cried that Amy* had been sat at the end of his bed and had been playing tricks on him, he cried and said that she had been pretending to be an old woman with glasses and would stroke his foot. Sally* didn’t share with anyone what had happened to her until the next day when both Sally* and her son spotted a photo in James’* house and discovered that the woman her son had seen was the same woman she had seen. Later that day, James* got a phone call from the hospital and was told his grandfather had sadly passed away.
I sat and listened to the story enthralled. We were sat in the living room, I was sat with my back against the closed window, with the curtains pulled, the dining table was pressed against me, Amy* was sat with her back against the sofa, with the table also pressed against her, James* had just come back from work and was still in his uniform. When he finished his story he told me how over the years his grandmother had shown herself to many people but him. He said he missed his grandparents and how he used to come home late from work and whenever he would pour out a glass of wine his grandma would put on the kettle for herself and his grandfather. As he said this he poured himself a glass of wine, just as he did this, the kettle in the kitchen started boiling and the kitchen door slammed shut. I screamed and jumped out from my seat and landed on Amy’s* lap. When we finally calmed down, we walked into the kitchen and found the kettle boiling but it was unplugged. It’s safe to say I did not sleep that night.

4. This story is something that happened to my uncle in the Philippines. My uncle Sam* was a tricycle driver who late one evening was finishing his shift, he picked up his friend and was making his way back to my mother’s house when they drove past a “waiting shed” where people would wait to get transport to places. He spotted two ladies and decided they could be his last customers for the evening. One lady sat behind him on the motorbike and the other lady sat in the carriage with his friend. He asked the lady behind him where she wanted to be dropped off and she told him to just drive straight and she would tell him to stop, so he did, driving passed my mothers house, he saw people on the terrace, and was comforted that there were people waiting for him and his friend. They drove on in the night and the roads grew darker till it was basically pitch black with only the light of the tricycle lighting the way. They drove closer and closer to the local school which is notorious for ghost sightings and terrifying stories. Eventually they were almost at the entrance to the school when the lady asked him to stop. He charged her the fare, and he went to his wallet to get the change, he asked her why she wanted to be dropped off her but when he turned around she was gone. His friend called out to him and asked him who he was talking to and why they had gone to the school. Sam asked him if he had seen the ladies, and his friend asked, What ladies? Realising that Sam had seen two ghosts, he got on his tricycle and frantically drove to my mothers house at top speed. He almost crashed but finally got back there safely with his friends. Whenever I ask my mother to tell me the story she says that when Sam and his friend got home, their hair literally stood up, they were white with fear and were shaking. My mother remembers that the family sat outside in the terrace and saw Sam and his friend drive past, and they all wondered why they drove straight past the house instead of coming in.

Whether you believe these stories or not, I hope it’s added an extra chill in your spine and fear in your night!

Happy Halloween!



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