Manicure in a Jar

Pinterest is my holy bible. If we had it back when I was in high school my life choices would be way different now.

I LOVE to do art projects, and granted I start many but finishes a few, I still enjoy going to hobby craft (or my personal fave, The Range) for all my DIY and arts and crafts needs.

Many months ago, I started to think of different gift ideas for my older sister who is SO hard to buy for. Why is she so hard to buy for you may ask? It’s because she never has anything she really wants, and she has no expectations. So without a guideline on what you can get her, it’s difficult to find something that is just right, nothing too big that would scare her, and nothing too small that will make her feel unappreciated.

I stumbled upon someone who made manicures in a jar and I fell in love.

I bought everything I needed, packaged it in a cute little way and gave it to her as part of her gift and she loved it!

I got to thinking, hey this is a really great gift idea and I bet other people would love this too!

Thus begun my new art project, but unlike all my other projects, I was ready and willing to sell these!

I bought all my supplies, this time I decided I was going to make my own flowers.

But in my excitement I neglected to realise the most important part of business… keep my costs low and the profits high… well I just bought whatever I thought was cute until my costs were high which would mean my sale price would have to be high to make minimal profit…so now I’ve decided to sell them at cost price just to get rid of them. But having said that I’m even willing to take offers so you can tell me how much you think they’re worth (this is going to be GREAT for my ego!)

I once had a dream, and my dream was crushed by the taxes and reality of life. If this experience has taught me anything about business it’s that you’ve got to think about the end game before you really begin. In hindsight I probably could have gone without some fancy gimmicks like the pink cotton wool to match the pink jars… because at the heart of it, my jars are made as a gift from a thoughtful person to someone they think deserves to pamper themselves more, whether that’s your mother, grandmother, sister, annoying aunt… these jars are a simple way to say ‘thank you for your hard work, now treat yourself!’


So if you’re still looking for a gift to give to your loved one, why not take a gander at my jars that I worked so so hard on! If not for them, then for a girl who dared to dream!

Someday I will establish a business where I can make cute pretty things and people will pay me money to do that for them, but I know now I’ve got to polish up my business savvy as at the moment I just go into things thinking I’m buying gifts for people rather than thinking of the profit side of things. If truth be told I have 17 jars taking up a lot of space in my house and I really don’t have 17 friends to give them away to, these jars are great and very sweet and you can trust me when I say there is nothing else like this being sold online!

I remember this one time when my partner and I went to a Japanese pop up food store for Lunch and he asked the server what a certain dish was, my partner pointed and the server nodded and said ‘how many do you want?’ he replied ‘no I asked what it was.’ the server responded ‘okay 3.’ and with that he gathered the bbq skewers and packaged three of whatever items they were. My partner paid and did enjoy them but to this day we still don’t know what they were. It’s people like that who are clever and business smart… I wish I could stand outside and show people my jars and they’ll ask me what they are and I will sell them three and they like my partner will just be so confused and embarrassed that they just pay for them and rush off… that’s the dream right. So how many are you going to be buying today?

(excuse the half painted fence in the background… I think it adds to the ambience… “Ah, I have worked so hard painting half this fence, if only I had a manicure in a jar to bring back the beauty in my overworked hands…”)

As for my future business of all things homemade and cute, watch this space, I recently invested in a gem gun and I’m not afraid to use it.

You can find these jars here —>

Order now to avoid disappointments, and I hope to see my faithful three viewers ordering all of these jars now that I’ve posted this blog to officially announce, my happiness at completing at least one project I’ve started this year!

Don’t forget…

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday, and you proud everyday!

Peace and Love,

Jessy x


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