Chivarly is NOT dead, but is it endangered?


Whilst on my lunch break I decided to take a walk. During my walk, I stopped to take a look at a poster when an elderly man caught my eye. He was pulling along his bag trolley, strolling along with a smile on his face. The trolley looked pretty heavy and he seemed to be struggling, but he continued his walk with such happiness, I couldn’t help but watch him. I considered approaching him to ask if he needed help, I hesitated because he seemed so happy that I didn’t want to disturb him, but also because I didn’t want to offend him at assuming he was struggling. Whilst I watched him, I noticed that he had stopped and was looking at something. He took his hand off of his trolley and left it there, he walked towards a shop door and opened it. Instead of walking in, he stood to the side as an elderly lady came through, he took her trolley which looked much more heavy than his and pulled it out for her, she smiled and said thank you, and as she walked past him, he lifted his hat off of his head and bowed down, with that he smiled up at her, and walked back to his trolley, then off he went on his merry way with that same big smile on his face.

It was quite a special moment to witness because I don’t remember the last time I saw something like that. In fact it’s been a long while since I last someone stop what he or she was doing to help another person out. It warmed my heart to see someone, who themselves were struggling, stop to help another person struggling too.

To see a gentleman, tip his hat to a lady, young or old, was amazing. Things like that seem like a timeless gesture that has started to disappear. What are we doing wrong? Are men not as helpful now as they once were?

It’s so common to hear a woman during a girl talk with friends complain that chivalry is dead, and until I witnessed that, I would have absolutely agreed, but now, I wonder if rather than being dead, is chivalry simply just a rare quality?

This isn’t me slating men of our generation, but I just wonder why, once upon a time, our streets were filled with men who would just with pure instinct want to protect women? Men who would gladly get wet in the rain and selflessly hold their umbrella for a woman just so they could walk with her. Where are those men who would give up their seat on the bus so that a lady can sit down?

In a world with equality and feminism, are these new beliefs pushing out the idea of chivalry, is this something that people don’t want anymore? Do women no longer want men to show them chivalry? I don’t know about you but I do! I am all up for girl power, and for men and women to be equal. Many women may scream with anger at my admission but I still believe men should be chivalrous to women, and women should want to be sweet to men. It’s old fashioned but what’s wrong with that?

Surely women can be hard-hitting career women and still want to have dinner ready for their husband? As for men, surely they can still open jars for their lady without being seen as assuming she’s weak?

I get people wanting to be politically correct but sometimes I wish that some old traditions remained. Chivalry is scarce nowadays, and sometimes it feels like it’s only the older generations who remember the kinds of gestures that really set apart men from boys.

Despite rarely seeing things like this, I am adamant to believe that chivalry is not dead. It’s our job to make sure we raise little boys and teach them how to be polite, kind and selfless so that they can grow up to be chivalrous men.

Old age ideas can go out of fashion but a helpful man never will.

The moral of the story really is that if you can be helpful then do just that, it does not take a lot to go out of your way to help make someone’s life a little easier, hopefully in doing that, that person you’re helping will pass the good deed on, and if we all think like that then maybe, just maybe, we won’t need chivalry and the world will just be filled with good people being helpful and loving each other?

Until that happens, I’ll just continue to watch old movies and swoon at the romantic men who were noble and good, I’ll keep a look out for seeing modern day heroes who do simple things daily that help make the world a better place.

Don’t forget…

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday, and you proud everyday!

Peace and Love,

Jessy x


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