If you don’t put your arms on your armrest



When you’re a pro-commuter like me, you discover tips and tricks to make the painful journey to and from work a little easier. I’m not going into those tips right now, maybe one day I will impart some wisdom with you, but instead I want to discuss, one very important lesson I’ve learnt in my time living, working and commuting in London.

One that most valuable information people won’t tell you about, but it’s so vital for you to know, or else you face a future of commuting with barely any room and much regret that you weren’t smart enough to know:


Have you ever found yourself sitting alone on the underground? Enjoying your space, maybe you even have your bag on the seat next to you. You notice the carriage suddenly begin to fill with people, so you place your bag on your lap, as your doing so two people sit on either side of you, both of whom put their arms on your arm rest and you find yourself suddenly squashed in your own chair feeling claustrophobic. Why does that happen you may ask yourself. But fear no more! The simple answer is, it happened because you let it happen, by not being prepared! By not putting your arms on the arm rest you’re giving someone else the opportunity to take some prime space on the underground, particularly during peak times, and if you live in London, you’ll have learnt fairly quickly that personal space is precious and rare in London, especially if you commute!

So a little advice next time you travel is to arm yourself with your bag, heck add an ikea bag filled with your most prized possessions (I’ve done this once and would advise anyone who is ultra sensitive and doesn’t like getting angry looks and silent mutterings directed at you, to avoid this step) place them by your feet, and put your arms comfortably on your arm rests, do it with pride and enjoy the next few minutes of your commute in the comfort of your own personal space (surrounded by your useless junk) but with a good amount of distance from the next person who is silently hating you for taking up so much room, but who cares you won! You got your arm rests and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, unless someone with even more stuff sits near you then this tip is completely irrelevant, leave your shit behind and just walk, its not worth top trumping someone with more of a mission than you.

Don’t forget…

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday, and you proud everyday!

Peace and Love,

Jessy x


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