My Lolo, My Love.


Growing up I had very little contact with my Dad. As a little kid, I grow up with my uncles being my main male role models, as well as a very important man, my Lolo, my grandfather.

My granddad was always the source of stories, adventures and home cooked meals that only a grandfather could cook. He would re-tell stories from our childhood, he would tell us how naughty we all were but never forgot to tell us how much he loved us.

My grandfather was always gentle, comforting and loving. He held our entire family together. As he aged he physically became weaker, but emotionally he was and still is our rock.

They say you can a lot about a person based on those around them. My granddad has a lot of friends and people who love him deeply. I feel so privileged to be his granddaughter.

When I was struggling to find myself during a difficult time in my life, my grandfather would give me guidance that I so desperately needed. He reminded me to follow my heart and always believe in myself. He told me to be strong enough to stand by my convictions and to never let anyone influence me.

I’ve have used my bond with my grandfather to help get me through some tough times, I’ve taken what he has taught me to keep me strong when I would otherwise have fallen down. I owe a lot of my strength to the fact that he has helped create a happy, healthy and supportive environment for my family and I to grow. I hope the lessons he has taught us will help me continue to build my own future with my very own family. Someday I will make him proud.

I haven’t seen my grandfather in over 10 years. I haven’t been able to spend some quality time with him, since we moved away 19 years ago. Someday I hope to reunite with him and show him that I’m still using what he has taught me to make my life and myself better.

I think as a grandparent you look to your grandchildren to see your life’s hard work bare its rewards. I hope he is happy with what he sees.

I want to make him proud, I want him to smile. I hope when he next sees me he no longer sees the irresponsible little kid who would follow him everywhere. I want him to see the mature strong woman he helped raise.

I know we’re all so busy being busy in our own lives, sometimes it’s easy to forget just how important it is to make our grandparents feel involved in our life. It’s often easy to over look or forget your grandparents because they aren’t always nearby, but it’s still important to stay in contact and to remind them of how much we love them and how grateful we are for all that they have done for us. After all, without them, there would be no parents, and without our parents, there would be no us!

My hope for the future is that I can stop being so consumed in my own life that I can take the time to revisit my childhood in the Philippines and to introduce my partner, someone who is now a big part of my life to my grandfather, a man who will always be one of my favorite men in my world. I hope I get to witness my mother’s reunion with her father and watch as the warmth of our family love warm our hearts together.

I guess it’s hard to imagine a separation like this, just imagine having to say goodbye to someone you love very much and not being sure when you’ll be able to see them again.

That kind of ache of not knowing and missing and longing, well it’s quite a heavy thing to carry, but I know that whenever I look up at the sky, he is under the same sky too. I know whenever I go to sleep at night, for part of that he is sleeping soundly too, and for those times when I forget his voice, or what he looks like, all I have to do is go on Skype and give him a call! Thank goodness for the Internet!

Don’t forget…

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday, and you proud everyday!

Peace and Love,

Jessy x


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