48 Things I’ve Learnt From My Relationship.


My partner and I have reached a big milestone together. Our 4 year anniversary! The longest relationship either of us have had. Whilst our relationship has been a big rollercoaster ride from the word go, we have found ourselves overcome some very difficult things together and I can honestly say we are stronger than ever. Time has not always been kind to us, we’ve been through many ups and many downs but every moment has been an experience that has taught us a lot about ourselves. Here are 48 things I have learnt over the 4 years we’ve been together.

  1. If you’re watching a TV series together, make sure you never watch ahead!
  2. It’s important to have dinner without your phone.
  3. Don’t forget to kiss each other before going to sleep.
  4. Sometimes you should be the little spoon, other times you should be the big spoon.
  5. A date night is very important!
  6. Don’t keep count, of who has paid for dinner, who has done the dishes etc.
  7. Share each other’s highs and lows.
  8. Humor each other’s silly dreams.
  9. Don’t be quick to get angry when the other forgets.
  10. If they’ve had a bad day, get them a treat.
  11. An apology is only worth something if you prove that you are Sorry.
  12. Trust each other.
  13. Make decisions together.
  14. Take lots of pictures!
  15. It’s important to make sure you both have clean socks and underwear.
  16. Go to events for the other person, even if you don’t want to.
  17. Compliment them.
  18. Tell them on a daily basis how much you love them.
  19. If they’re scared, go to the toilet with them.
  20. Make sure you always leave the light on if they are coming home late at night.
  21. Sometimes they need you to keep them company when they’re in the shower.
  22. Love their family even if they’re unlovable.
  23. Ask them about their day.
  24. Be the shoulder to lean on if they’re feeling down.
  25. Be the best friend they need if they’re feeling lonely.
  26. Everyone needs to feel beautiful every once in a while.
  27. When things are too serious, lighten the moment by making each other laugh.
  28. Remember it’s nice to recall happy times, even if you’re not sad.
  29. Take the time to do what the other person likes and vise versa, enjoy each other’s hobbies.
  30. Remember that obstacles are meant to be overcome together.
  31. Go on adventures together, no matter how big or how small.
  32. Encourage each other to reach for our dreams.
  33. Get to know eachother, remember that no matter how long you’ve been together, you’re both still changing and there is always something new to learn.
  34. Celebrate the wins and support each other through the losses.
  35. Plan for the future but live in the present.
  36. Be the light when they’re in the darkness.
  37. Don’t be afraid to grow, even if it’s growing apart.
  38. Be yourself and you’ll find you’re loved for who you are.
  39. Be patient even when your patience is wearing thin.
  40. Make sure you keep a spare set of keys because chances are one of you will forget!
  41. Leave each other love notes; it’s such a nice surprise!
  42. Give each other a massage every once in a while.
  43. Take a step away from life every once in a while and just spend some quality time loving each other.
  44. If there’s something you don’t understand about them, try to help them, help you understand.
  45. It’s okay to ask for help once in a while.
  46. Be prepared for pointless arguments, just don’t let it escalate.
  47. Never go to bed angry.
  48. And finally, the most important thing to remember: Things aren’t always going to make sense, things aren’t always going to be easy, in fact things are going to be tough, but if you can look at each other and say ‘I love you’ you’re going to be okay, just be a team, be partners, remember to keep your partner involved and a part of your life, because together you’re creating a future, much bigger than you both individually.

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