Why Wednesday’s: Why does it cost 50p to pee in Victoria Station?!



So there I am, having a fifth cup of coffee making small talk to pass the time, my meeting finishes and I dash off. I go to the station and the crowds of people walk alongside each other in a panic trying to catch their trains. I’m walking in Victoria in amongst a mass of people when I suddenly realize how desperate I am for a wee. So despite waiting in a queue to catch my train I decide to run in search for the toilets. Being a person who HATES carrying cash, these toilet charges are a nightmare for me! Nevertheless, the constant travelling around London has taught me to carry at least 30p on me just in case I need to use the toilet. On this occasion I had my trusty spare 30p in my wallet when I saw the sign 50p! 50 bloody pence to use the toilet in Victoria station!

Who makes up these prices? Now I know 50p is not a large amount, but it is when you haven’t got change and are desperate for the loo. I was lucky enough to pass a nice person who worked at the station who let me in for free but it did shock me just how much it cost to use the toilet in a major London station.

If you imagine how busy Victoria gets everyday, how many people come in, out, pass through Victoria, there must be a good number of them who need to use the toilet. I wonder how many aren’t able to because they don’t have the correct change?

I wonder what the fee goes towards?

I mean I have to admit the toilets I’ve been to are pretty clean, but it must be a big money making idea, if the staff member hadn’t let me in then I would have begrudgingly paid the fee, I’m sure a lot of other people would have faced the same thing before.

My stand on it is I agree with the toilet fee because it means clean and nice toilets in London isn’t that rare, but I’m still conflicted when it comes to those moments when you’re desperate and short on change. Let’s just hope no one pees themselves out of desperation.

Don’t forget…

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday, and you proud everyday!

Peace and Love,

Jessy x


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