When I was your (wo)man… your other woman

Reblog Saturday: Just a blog post I wrote sometime last year, enjoy 🙂

Life is sweet

http://buzzkenya.com/cheating-in-a-relationship/ Conceptual photo of a marital infidelity

I love to retell my tragic love stories, not because I think they’re epic or special, not because I’m sick and enjoy feeling pain and not because I’m still longing for the guys who feature in those stories…
I tell them because I like to be reminded of how far I have come since those days. Hey, why go through that much pain if you can’t someday retell your journey, maybe it might help someone with their journey? Maybe it’ll help someone feel less alone… or maybe it’s just so that I can make you laugh, laugh at how totally clueless I am about love, relationships and how even after all these years, I’m still learning and making mistakes and changing…
I’ve realised that in my tales of woe and heart break It’s been very one sided…
Someday I may be…

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