Facebook pisses me off with all the keyboard warriors and activists.


I consider myself relatively outspoken when it comes to my beliefs, but having said that I try to remain as respectful as I can to other people. I understand not everyone is going to agree with me and that they may be equally passionate about what they believe in. Whilst I like to write, because I believe it’s my way of reaching out to those who may be interested in my experiences and what I have to say, I would never want to push my ideologies on to anyone.

I use social media and my blog as a place where primarily I can share things that are on my mind, 0 readers or lots of readers I feel happy in being able to share good days and bad days. I feel my social media places are a safe place for me to share what I have to say, I’m a little more cautious as to what I share on my Facebook because that’s more exposed than I believe my blog is.

Whilst I utilize my freedom to speak I have been disappointed by the way others have been expressing their voices on social media, particularly on Facebook.

Recently I saw someone post about their disappointment at how people talk about meaningless things and for some reason, it really triggered something in me. This person said how they cared about more important things like feminism, equality, ending wars etc. and whilst I partially applaud them for being against the bad things in this world, I was disappointed at how they spoke out in such a negative way. Two wrongs don’t make a right sister!

I’d like to take this moment to say that I am not racist, homophobic nor’ do I support the unnecessary killings that have been happening BUT I don’t believe that we should constantly talk about it 24/7 for the rest of our lives. I understand there is unrest in this unjust world, however, as a person who very much lives in this reality, I believe that it is not productive to constantly complain about every issue under the sun.

I hate that in their post it almost mocked some people who like to share those cat videos that make me grind my teeth but I know makes someone else happy. I am partial to the silly memes that my sisters constantly tag me in with the always funny ‘haha it’s you’ caption, I like that when I’m having a bad day my boyfriend will send me a crazy video his best friends cousins teachers dog shared, or that my Mum will share something super serious on Facebook and her friends will swarm around the post to analyse, how, why, what where.

Social media is doing great things at putting out very serious topics and getting anybody to understand or listen to it, it’s done amazing things like the ALS ice bucket challenge and spreading awareness for the LBGTQ community. We’ve rallied around student doctors and cried over unfair deaths, we’ve laughed at silly viral videos and even missed people we’ve never even met. Social media shouldn’t just be a place for all the serious stuff because life is serious.

Don’t for one second think that just because I’ve written a status for the millionth time about my hatred for the London public transport that I’m not also thinking about the bombings and killings around the world.

I’m not any less of a person because I choose to post selfies rather than share pictures of kids that have been hurt because of some casualty.

I’m not a monster because I liked a video of cake baking tips rather than a political debate.

It’s an unfair expectation to have thinking that everyone is going to be interested in the same topics as you and just because you think that what you’re interested in, is way more important than your friends doesn’t make it so.

The fact is we live very different realities. Whilst I’m not posting about racism every day of my life, I have had first-hand experience at what it’s like to be treated differently for being in a multi-racial relationship. I don’t talk about it all the time because frankly, it makes me so sad, at the same time I don’t ignore that the situation is happening either. In a discussion, I will share my experience and debate about it, but I don’t saturate my beliefs and feelings about the situation every day on Facebook as if people are going to change because I reminded people of my stance on equality.

I think that this Facebook poster robbed people the chance to say how they feel about meaningless things. The fact remains that if you’re offended that I’ve shared 20 posts about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce then delete me because I was not sharing them for your entertainment. Likewise, if you share another post about a stupid Doctor Who reference, and if this triggers me, I reserve the right to delete you too. But I won’t, because I know it makes you happy and I don’t really care much about what you have to say.

It’s as easy as that.

Don’t like what you see, ignore it, if you’re triggered by it, delete them.

Everyone has a right to an opinion but really; think about what you’re complaining about. Pick your battles because chances are you’ve probably got a lot less intelligent information to share.

Can you tell I’m still angry about this situation?

I guess it’s just because I feel like people are way too serious sometimes and it brings me down. I live a very confused life and when I have to read people’s negativity I wonder why I even keep Facebook at all.

Let’s vent, but maybe we should channel our venting for positive changes rather than in order to bring people down?

Like you can cry about a situation but if you’re not going to learn from it then why bother crying?

Also why complain and target people if you’re going to be a hypocrite and do the same thing?

It’s like I used to have this friend who was super Bitchy and high and mighty all of the time. I used to find her hilarious, mainly because I was her friend but also partially because I was just relieved it wasn’t me she was talking about. She fully exercises the right to speak her mind on Facebook and sometimes she does share some really funny relatable things.

But lately, she’s become too much. I’ve kept her on my Facebook friend list because I know deleting her will cause more of a fuss than it’s worth. Well a few years back she got into an argument with another friend of ours and my friend would post these vile things, airing out her dirty laundry so to speak. Now I am not one to bash people for doing that because sometimes I like to post sly pictures to aim at stupid girls, but let’s all just admit it is the most cringy thing ever, amiright?

The problem is when you’re reading about a girl fight or boy fight, you can’t help blush for them. You judge them, even if you’re guilty of doing it. As a person who knew both sides of the stories, I found it awkward to read what she had to say and I couldn’t help think about how blind she was sounding, how immature and untrue her tales were.

I basically drifted away from her after seeing how vindictive she was.

She’s the kind of person who is friends with pretty much everyone, and by friends I mean she has a lot of acquaintances.

Lately, she’s at it again arguing with someone who blocked her, whilst I’m not friends with the blockee, I gather that they have not mentioned anything whilst she is unrelentless sharing their text messages etc, to do what? Garner sympathy or embarrass them? The thing is I don’t think she realizes she’s just embarrassing herself.

It’s tough to read.

This is another example of using your voice to bring down someone who (if they are as awful as you say they are) is probably not even worth another minute of their time. It baffles me that so many people have all this time to be so negative and dedicate hours to bringing someone down. I may have been like that when I was a teenager but between trying to fix up the house and have an adult relationship, I barely have time to have a fight with an internet friend let alone start a feud with anyone, saying that I did loose my best friend recently so maybe I’m part of the problem?

All I’m saying is that Facebook pisses me off because there are way too many keyboard warriors ready to attack any and every mistake you and I make. They forget we’re all humans and that the sun doesn’t shine out of their ass.

I understand why people want to spread awareness but really people should pick their battles. Maybe your message on how to reduce unemployment shouldn’t be sent to your candy crush playing retiring aunt who just wants a little break from the real world to catch up with her long lost friend. Maybe join a forum for like-minded people or unlike-minded people? Go educate someone on the fundamentals of living but then remember to also be the perfect person you preach to be.

So next time you want to complain about how people are sharing mindless stuff on Facebook, make sure that you delete that video of your baby daughter saying ‘I love you’ when she’s clearly just baby speaking because it’s offensive to those who can’t have babies.

I’m joking, but chances are someone’s probably going to complain at how insensitive I’ve been, but really I’m just saying, everyone has a right to post whatever they want to post (as long as it’s legal, I can’t believe I have to say that).

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, so let me share as many fun facts about the Brangelina break up and I’ll like your post of little Betty Sue dancing in her nappies.

Let’s just spread love and happiness, not negative vibes, we get enough of that from real adult life.

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kid’s proud someday, and you proud every day!

Peace and Love,

Jessy x


4 thoughts on “Facebook pisses me off with all the keyboard warriors and activists.

  1. Gee I’m sorry that calling out a group of liars and bigots like Feminists and SJW’s is so offensive to you! Don’t like what I do then don’t read my comments or my blog.

    Gonna keep on keeping on so deal with because call me crazy but dealing blatant liars and people that hate me just because I happen to be born male need to have their shit called. Has nothing to do with Cat Videos

    1. Whilst I appreciate your opinion I would have preferred that you actually read what I was saying and understood my words, I’m not saying you shouldn’t call these haters out at all, because that is absolutely fine, we’re all entitled to it, however it’s those who make fun, demean and call out those who share ‘meaningless’ things on Facebook. I don’t feel that it is fair to judge so harshly just because someone isn’t filling their facebook page up with things that are making a difference in this world, whilst I applaud those who do, I also accept that some don’t want that, and that is also perfectly fine. My post was just to simply say, people have a right to post whatever they want in their own place, and just because someone hasn’t posted about an anti-war campaign doesn’t make them a bad person. I’m sorry you’ve had negativity, and I am so happy you embrace your right to freedom of speech, but silencing those who don’t mean harm by sharing a few silly videos as oppose to the sadness in this world is just as bad but in a totally different way. I’m thankful that this post has given you the opportunity to share your view though, isn’t that what the WordPress community is about?

      1. Personally I’ve never forced or coerced anyone to post up what ever they want, when ever they want.

        Ironically enough I just finished watching and reading a series of articles and videos about a group of SJW’s that did everything they could to disrupt an event at the University of Toronto including things like stealing a reporters cellphone, confronting and twisting what the main speaker said, LYING to the police about this same reporter being assaulted (Smugglypuff). This even though these same protesters at any time could’ve gone to the microphone and spoken about the issue themselves.

        That particular blog and series was intended to deal with a segment of the population and was in no way me enforcing my views on someone else. And I’ve never forced anyone to do it ‘my way’ that would make me no better than the ones I’m opposing.

        Like I said that series is written for the full intent of dealing with a certain segment of the population online. I thought using it the way you did was a little dishonest.

      2. I literally don’t think we’ve read the same blog post here, my blog has only really ever been about personal experience and I wrote my post solely because someone on my Facebook had criticized me for something I shared. There’s no way it could be dishonest when I’m recounting something that happened. I feel like you were triggered somehow in what I wrote and I feel sorry for you, honestly your comments are long but make no sense because I am not saying YOU are doing this, nor am I saying it’s BAD to do it I’m just saying let people say what they want, which you seem pro for, however in this case you are not allowing me to. Like you stated in the first comment, don’t like what you read, don’t read it. Again I sincerely apologize for how you’ve so wrongly misread my blog post, I can understand why you may be so emotional but I’m not the bad guy here, there was no dishonesty in my words, I literally have like 56 readers I can assure you I’m not rallying to take over the world and force people to live in an oppressed world, but honestly I love debates, I love to make people think and for people to make me think, but since the start of this exchange I’ve been scratching my head thinking, when the fuck did I become such a heinous person that a stranger on the internet has decided today, my blog post will be the source of their dissatisfaction and then accuse me of untrue things when the laughable thing is we probably fight for the same causes. So to reiterate, your intelligence frightens and intrigues me, I will continue to post about the things that annoy, upset, entertain me because this is a blog about personal experiences however I do include a guest blog segment now and feel like you views on life would make for such an amazing blog post so please if you have the time and interest do send me over a blog post I can upload about something your passionate about, hey it could even be a rebuttal on my post 😉 all in all I just want to say that when I wrote my post (as with most of my post) it was coming from a genuine emotional place, I was hurt that for the 10th time that day I had been insulted for not sharing “real world issues” and I thought I was quite fun on FB but there we go. Have a lovely day, I hope you can find some kind of comfort in knowing the monster/liar you thought I was was nothing more than a clearly naive individual who thought the internet granted freedom of speech.

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