My (kind of) Review of the TV Show ‘Mom’


I’ve been trying to expand my horizons lately, listening to new music, reading different books and watching things I wouldn’t normally watch. I figured I could try to change up my normal likes to see if I could discover a new obsession. This lead me to watching a TV Show called ‘Mom’.

After watching season 1 and 2 I am still a little unsure of how I feel about the TV series, even so, I thought I would still try to write a not so typical review on the series, in typical Jessy style I thought I would explain my reasoning behind the confusion and discomfort I feel when watching this tv series.

A little disclaimer, though, I am not a person who writes reviews often and I’m pretty sure that this would be more of a critical analysis of the show rather than a review, this is just a TV lover talking about why TV Shows like ‘Mom’ makes me feel uncomfortable but why I will continue to watch it. Needless to say, I’m not going to be using fancy words or reviewing it like you’d expect, honestly, I just wanted to express my feelings so tried to cover it up by saying I’m doing a review, this isn’t a review…

In short Mom is a tv series about a single mother who is dealing with her battle with alcoholism and drug abuse, the characters include the Mom, Christy, her daughter, and son, her equally dysfunctional Mom who is also a recovering drug and alcohol addict. There are other characters added to the mix to add bulk to the tv show and there’s a personality for everyone.

The genre is a sitcom, though I do believe this is quite questionable.

The actors/actresses include Anna Faris one of my favorite lady actresses since I saw her in Scary Movie, as well as Alison Janney a seasoned actress who I really enjoy watching in a rather different role than what she is normally playing, however, she makes her role as a dysfunctional recovering addict trying to be a better role model for her family.

Every episode consists of some kind of problem that gets worse throughout the 18-21 episode, it is usually ultimately solved by the end of the episode which is somewhat comforting.

The thing is, most of the problems that the characters face in this sitcom, are problems like; relapsing, family problems, relationship issues, money struggles, and morality. These are problems everyone faces and I guess that’s the point, the characters are more relatable because they’re more human. They’re not just two-dimensional characters who we watch on the screen, these characters are people, they could just as easily be our neighbor, relative, friend or much scarier possibility that they could be us.

We relate to the characters so much that we almost don’t have to imagine the world they’re living in because it’s like we live it already. In comparison to The Big Bang Theory, which side note, I love! Also a sitcom, but though they feature relatable character, the situations, and storylines seem a little more far-fetched and so it is harder to be absorbed by the episodes.

Mom is a little too real for me, that is just one opinion, my opinion. I feel like though they do have happy endings a lot, there are still a lot of sticking points, for example, in one episode Christy and her family are made homeless, but by the end of the episode, they are living with friends. Whilst no longer homeless, they are still in a less than ideal situation. In another sitcom, they would probably have somehow miraculously found another home and they would have learned a valuable lesson.

For a typical sitcom, the show is very real and relatable and for me, it strikes the wrong chords. You see living a real life with very real problems, I like to watch TV Shows, comedies that will make me laugh, yes there may be some kind of problematic storyline and I’ll get to watch my favourite character battle through it until they end their episode with a lesson learned but a happy ending. Call me crazy but after a hard day, I like to be comforted by this kind of order. I understand some people prefer real as real that not even reality tv shows provide us with anymore. But for me, I seek this kind of escape to be able to wind down.

Mom is good, it’s characters have depth, heart, and personalities that draw you to their story, their very real problems can often leave you questioning certain things about yourself and your life. It’s got some laughable moments, cringy moments and moments that make you think, overall the story is well written, there are some cheap laughs and unlikeable characters, but I do think it has something for everyone.

Whilst I continue on to season 3 I will try to keep an open mind, hopefully, it doesn’t get any more like real life otherwise I’m going to have to stop watching, honestly, I’m still trying to figure out my dysfunctional family, the last thing I need is to watch a character on screen try to fix theirs.

If you have any recommendations for funny TV Shows I would love to hear them, I’m on the hunt for something funny to watch during these cold evenings…

Really that’s just a scream for help, I need to get a life and stop watching so much TV.

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday but most importantly, you proud every day!

Peace and Love

Jessy x


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