Candid Conversations: Mixed Race Relationships

Reblog Weekend: Read and Enjoy


Life is sweet


I can’t believe I’m even talking about this. Never once did I think this would ever be a cause to point out or make a big deal about it…

This is by no means meant to be preachy, I don’t actually know what my overall intention with this is, I hope it becomes apparent the more I write.

The truth is this blog post is going to be all talk/write, lots of explanations and babbles of me, it may say a whole lot and mean nothing to you, it is dependent on your life experience and the way you perceive life. If you share similarities in your journey then you may be able to relate, or reject what I have to say…if I even have anything to say at all.

I’m going to touch on several subjects but I may not even delve deep into one particular topic…this is free…

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