100 Thoughts During My Daily Commute

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Life is sweet


*this song does not represent my feelings/thoughts towards TFL staff, I just find it so funny and feels like it fits my feelings during my commute, I actually admire how hard some staff work, particularly when they have to deal with asshole commuters like me.*

As you may or may not have heard, I am a professional commuter. I awarded this title to myself when I realized I was loosing pretty much 4 hours + a day travelling to and from work. Wherever you live/work you know that if your journey is 20 minutes + then it’s a nightmare, let a long being in a hot and sweaty tin can with a bunch of other miserable people who just ‘can’t even right now’. I hate travelling day in and day out to non-exotic places, but even when I’m not commuting to and from work, I am travelling to and from…

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