30 Things Nightmare Commuters Do!


As someone who spends a big part of their life on public transport, I feel like I’m somewhat of a pro-commuter. I have the etiquette on lock down and know what to do and not to do that will help mine and my fellow commuters journey run a little smoother. Unfortunately, we have the few who are clueless and/or don’t care about those around them and act/do as they please. These people are classed as a ‘nightmare commuter’ and here is a list of things they do that drive us nuts!

  1. They talk loudly on their phone.
  2. They play music or games on their phone with the volume turned up loud but don’t wear headphones.
  3. They don’t prepare themselves for the ticket barrier and are often surprised when they get angry people shouting at them when they hold up the queue.
  4. Then they don’t move out of the way once going through the barrier.
  5. STANDING on the left-hand side (if you’re a London commuter, you’ll get it).
  6. They suddenly stop walking when they’re right in front of you.
  7. They block the train doors when people are trying to exit.
  8. They try to jam the doors open when it’s closing.
  9. They use an extra seat for their bag.
  10. They use an extra seat for their feet.
  11. They block the train walkway with their giant bag because they didn’t want to leave it in the luggage compartment.
  12. They don’t move down the carriage to let more people in.
  13. They read your phone/book/newspaper over your shoulder or right beside you.
  14. They eat smelly food on a train with no windows.
  15. They fart in closed spaces.
  16. They sneeze and cough without covering their mouth.
  17. They walk very closely on your heels.
  18. They wear their backpack in a packed train so it squishes on to you (often they have something hard and pointy in the bag that pokes you the entire journey).
  19. They take your place on the train when you were moving temporarily to let someone else through/in/out.
  20. They travel during peak times with massive bags, lots of luggage, a pushchair, and bulky items.
  21. They travel during peak times when they could have easily avoided it.
  22. They travel during peak times when they’re sick.
  23. They blindly following a crowd, then realize they’re going the wrong way and suddenly stop to turn around.
  24. They stop to look at a map when they’re in a queue.
  25. They talk loudly to their friend.
  26. They don’t pay attention to where they’re going.
  27. They complain about the train being late, I mean for god sake its London, the trains are always late.
  28. They push in front of you in a queue.
  29. When they constantly sniff and don’t blow their nose.
  30. When they bite their nails near you.

There we have it, the list of things I believe nightmare commuters do!

If there’s anything else that people do that annoy you, let me know in the comments below!

And always remember…

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday but most importantly, you proud every day!

Peace and Love

Jessy x


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