I’m in shock, to be honest. I don’t know where to start or what to say. Please wait whilst I sob silently into my pillow like I’ve just experienced a devastating breakup.

What a sad day for America and for the world.

In fact, I’m so affected by the outcome of the American Presidential elections that I cried the moment I realised all hope of a Trump free America was lost. Hell being from the UK, I didn’t even cry over Brexit, I was shocked, I was upset, I mourned our unity with the European Union, but I knew we’d somehow get through it. Whilst I compare Brexit to Trump as President, I would say the latter is Brexit x10.

I remember back when Brexit first happened and the country basically went into mourning. Now this election is like Kanye West picked up the mic and was like;

“Hang on UK, Ima let you finish, yeh, Brexit was ite, but America’s gonna have you beat.”

And that you have America…well played. You’ve officially made the biggest mistake of 2016 that eclipses our Countries mistake to end our relationship with the EU. You win, but at what cost?

To be honest I was not heavily invested in the whole campaign, in fact, had my partner not been so clued in on it all, I probably would never have known it was happening. I do my best to stay away from politics as personally, I disliked both the main presidential candidates and didn’t think the stress was worth occupying my mind with.

America was pretty fucked the moment their candidates were announced. The two candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump ultimately became the two main candidates and honestly in my opinion, it was like being given a choice between eating glass or starving to death.

Having said that I thought Hilary Clinton was the lesser of two evils. Now before we continue to talk about those two, I understand that there were other candidates, those of which I don’t care to learn. I’d like to point out I would have researched more into it but I’m not American and I couldn’t vote so I didn’t feel the need to invest so much time in it like I did with Brexit. The unfortunate reality is those other candidates did not have the same energy as the Clinton and Trump. They did not quite have the same backing or support so unfortunately votes to them were almost wasted.

It’s just so sad that Trump won like he now gets to be considered to the likes of Lincoln and Obama. A person who probably woke up 18 months ago and decided to run for president because his 2016 wasn’t looking too exciting. There was probably not much serious thought put into it until he went public with his decision and it’s so crazy. This man has no experience or knowledge to run a country and he’s basically been given the master key to the kingdom. I cannot understand what went through the heads of the masses in America.

Now whilst I can probably excuse some upper class rich, well educated, elite men voting for Trump, I am waiting for a woman, member of the LGBTQ community, anyone that is considered an ethnic minority, anyone who was not born in America from a non-white family, could vote for him? Please someone, tell me, this isn’t me calling you out on what I consider a mistake, I want someone to educate me on why you did it because I cannot understand it and try as I might, it makes no sense to me. My head hurts just trying to work this one out.

Did anyone sit to think about what Trump stands for? What he actually intends to do and how he intends to do it? I mean what did he say and promise to you to make you think he had a capability of helping you achieve your American dream.

I’m in disbelief that a candidate who ran his campaign on hatred, anger, and threats could win, not only in support but in an actual appointment as President.

This paves the scary path to other people like him, maybe even Kanye West running and ultimately winning a Presidential Campaign, what makes it so frightening is people like Trump are self-serving and vain, they do it for themselves instead of the good of the country. Despite their long history of arrogance, corruption, racist, sexist masochistic, sociopathic behaviour, has people rallying for their success.

I’m so mind blown that if an apocalypse happens now, I don’t have any more shock or fucks to give.

On the flipside of things, let me tell you what my partner said to me when I suffered a panic attack after Brexit was announced. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably now imagining a terrible world full of slavery, dark ages, cyborgs ruling the world, all because of this massive shocking change, then I’m sure what he said will give you some kind of direction to go down. What has happened has happened now, Trump is president and there is nothing we can do about it anymore. We have to accept this has happened and be thankful that in 4 years time, American’s get another chance to make it right (unlike us Brits, our choice was basically an indefinite pin on our relationship with the EU). We don’t know what Trump’s reign will bring; he may shock us further by being a great leader. He may calm himself from all the hype and actually have some good plans for America. He may make great allies and lead America to a new but exciting journey. I know that it won’t be boring, that’s for sure. Maybe Trump should be given a chance? I mean he has had a successful career, he’s a businessman who has made a tonne of money, and maybe that kind of thinking will be good for the economy in America? Who knows what is going to happen, I mean look at Britain, the country basically stopped for a few seconds but then the realisation of reality hit and everyone had to continue on and just accept this for what it was. Everything is uncertain but one thing is for sure, right now the world is going crazy and the ripples from this shock is reverberating throughout our Countries. Right now everything seems upside down but eventually, it will calm down and we’ll find clarity. It’s just finding a way to occupy yourself with until that happens that’s going to be a challenge.

I’m weeping for America, I am mourning a potential beginning to the end of many great things America was known for.

Putting that aside I think now is the time for us Humans to stand together and move forward with openness and love instead of anger and fear mongering.

The world will no doubt be affected by this, and all these changes from 2016 will put many countries in very vulnerable positions, in order to help our fellow man transition from one way of life to a new chapter, we should do our bit to encourage each other to grow, learn and embrace changes as part of life.

Still, I will miss President Obama and the changes he wanted to make to the once great USA.

There’s a huge disappointment that there were a lot of non-voters, whilst it’s not anyone’s place to pressure people to vote, I do think it’s important that everyone legal to vote, realise how important it is for them to put their thoughts forward, that’s how a Country should be run. To those who did vote, well done, you were part of forming and shaping your government.

Even if Donald Trump (I’ve decided I will never consider him your president Americans!) was not your choice in President, I do feel like you owe it to your fellow countryman to give him the benefit of the doubt, give him your patience and time, your people spoke, now the best thing you can do is plaster that smile on your face, give him some time to show you what he can do and pray and hope that he doesn’t prove you right. Give the man a chance to do some good before you punish him for the wrongs you assume he is going to do, though no-one will blame you for being sceptical of him as he himself has publically spoken about all the bad (good according to him) he’s going to do for your country.

Let’s be optimistic, the world hasn’t ended yet, we’re not that far from it, but there’s still hope.

Always remember…

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday but most importantly, you proud every day!

Peace and Love

Jessy x


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