What you’re doing to England when you say it belongs to English people



How English People are Ruining England

When Brexit happened it was like the UK shifted from this polite and free loving country into the Purge. It was like all these peoples who had harboured hatred for the free movement and all foreign people came out from their hiding places in a surprise attack to ‘foreigners’ proudly calling the UK their home.

Overnight it became unsafe for people of colour to walk down the streets. The rate of hate crimes rose and meme’s of non-English people being afraid to leave their homes plagued the Internet. Whilst we can have a good little giggle at some of them, we have to accept the reality for what it is, racism has once again gripped the hands of the United Kingdom, some even classing as the Divided Kingdom as a result of the EU Referendum.

All those who carried disdain for foreigners coming into the country suddenly thought that the majority of the country agreed with them. It’s like it gave them an excuse to start a race war within our country when they were so far from wrong.

I feel like their ideologies about foreigners making our country weaker was further backed up by Donald Trump’s win. At the moment our two countries are running on fear and hatred when really we just have to look within ourselves to find the problem.

I really don’t know what to make of it all. I’ve seen the UK go from a white washed country who slowly adjusted to having people from different countries and colours settle in. I’ve seen people who may not necessarily have had much experience with living in a blended community suddenly discover a love for other cultures and embrace the diversity. I’ve also seen how English pride has turned someone into a racist colour hating person when really it’s just because they don’t understand all the good that free movement can do for our country. That whole argument and reality is better explained in this poem by Hollie McNish, it’s worth watching if you want a rude awakening on that immigration crisis:

Mathematics by Hollie McNish


When you hear of racism you often hear of an older white individual who is convinced that people of colour are taking away something from ‘their’ people, and it’s just so sad that they see it that way when in reality England is getting that much richer in culture, wealth, knowledge and diversity because of all these people bringing in something new. My partner believes we should be children of the earth rather than of our country. That we should all lend a hand to each other no matter where we come from because if we all do our bit for our earth then we have a bigger chance of surviving not only to live but also to love, to experience all that life can offer. I agree with him, I’d rather consider myself as a member of the earth than one small country. I’d rather consider the billions of people walking this earth as my fellow countryman rather than the few that resemble my colour and features. I don’t want to belong to just one, I want to belong to them all, and that is how our children should be raised, to love all before being taught hate.

The thing is there are so many English people that are racist against people who weren’t born here, you hear them say ‘foreigners should go back to their own country’ ‘foreigners are taking our jobs’ and wanting to blame every bad British downfall to the lazy immigrants that plague the country. It’s just so disconnected from reality. For every person who fits that stereotypical category you have at least 2 foreign worker working hard, pulling in all hours, doing the crappy job nobody wanted in the first place, bringing more money, knowledge, expertise with them. Each new person that steps on to British soil is enriching our country and making it better for the future generations. Whilst I say that, not all English people feel this way, there are many that have embraced the change and accepted the movement. There are some British people who are moving and travelling around the world too, going to countries where the locals are warm and friendly and aren’t telling these English people to go home.

Imagine if they did though. Imagine we a load of English people went to live and work in Poland and were told by the locals to go home because they didn’t belong. These English people could be working hard, could be genuinely wanting to make a difference but they’re not being given the chance to all because they weren’t born in that country. Oh my gosh, the people living in England would be in uproar. A lot of us would have a lot to say about that. And yet, we do it to our own, because yes, the moment someone claims their right to live in the UK they become our own and we need to do right by them because weren’t we taught from a young age not to hurt our ‘own’, if they’re human they’re ours, they’re our peers, our allies and we sure as hell shouldn’t cast them aside as if they’re less than human.

It makes me angry when I hear people say that England should only belong to English people. You hear people even of colour saying that. Because then when you hear someone of colour say it you know somehow there might be something wrong there. English means, white, born and bread, originated, entire family lines belonging to the English country. But you can’t be of colour and be English, you might be British? But then if you’re saying England should only be an English run country then you’re saying that your family should go back to the country where your ancestors orginated from? I’m sure that’s not what you meant but that’s what your words are saying. Ignorance will only get you so far and you think that just because you have a citizenship it suddenly puts you in the ‘right side’ of the argument? Like siding with the side that is racist and also doesn’t include you a peer will suddenly neutralise the situation for you? You know like in the playground when you see someone being bullied and you don’t do anything to stop it, you may even join in, all because you’re glad it isn’t you. Like suddenly that makes it okay but it isn’t. England should be for everyone, British or not. It isn’t right for it to be English anymore, look at the world of Harry Potter, that world wouldn’t have had a mind like Hermione’s if they didn’t accept Muggle borns into their midst. As sad as it sounds it’s very much the same when you look at countries. We can’t have life and steps forwards without having diversity in our society.

I want to say something but I’m a little scared to say it.

Ok I’m going to do it and I’m going to be angry about it.

If you’re of colour, if you’re a woman, if you’re a child, if you’re anything other than a white, upper class, hetrosexual, perfect specimen of man, then you should not be supporting a campaign of hatred, anger and racism. You shouldn’t be encouraging a divide, you shouldn’t telling anyone to do anything, you have no right to tell anyone to go back to their own country because you know what? That ideology is so fucking out dated. It really is, and if we go back to the time when that idea was popular then chances are no-one would have given a shit about what you thought. You know, if you were a woman you would probably be told to stick to what you knew. If you were a foreigner, people would probably not value your opinion, if you are homosexual, transsexual, pansexual, you’d have probably been locked up, if you were a kid people would be trying to change your opinion to a ‘normal’ one before you grew up to be a radical weird child.

The world is changing and it’s time for new ideas, new beliefs. Unless you join in the movement of diversity and openness you’ll be left behind and only you will be seen as the weird one. We’re an evolving society; we should only be for one race, the human race.

So you can decide, do you want to keep fighting for England to be for English people, or do you want to come join us in 2016, where people want to stand together to propel our society into the age when we can cure cancer, build hovercrafts and make our streets safe for our future generations?

It’s time to pick a side; it’s us or you on your own.

Whatever you decide, always remember,

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday but most importantly, you proud every day!

Peace and Love

Jessy x


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