20 things I love about you; Happy 20th Birthday Molly Jean!





In celebration for your very special 20th Birthday, I wanted to share with you the 20 ways you’ve made me feel blessed and proud to be your older sister.

It has honestly been such an honour to be able to watch you grow from a cute baby, to a lovable kid and into a beautiful, hardworking and compassionate young lady

Celebrating your birthday, the year you leave your teen years behind, is so bittersweet because I still remember the day you were born (as if I was the one giving birth to you). But I was the most excited big sister ever, even more so than Ruth because I had never been a big sister before. I remember going to school the day you were born and wishing and hoping that Mummy would wait until I was home before having you. I wanted to be there every step of the way, but in typical Molly fashion you came when you were least expected, you were early, which is probably the only time you’ll ever be early in your life (*queue canned laughter*). Moo the day I was told you were coming I cried because I realised I would no longer be the baby of the family, I was also excited because it also meant that people would stop pinching my cheeks because now they would have you to torture. But then after the pre-sibling rivalry calmed down, I also had the opportunity to feel the happiness and love that can wash over you, even though I hadn’t met you yet, I already knew you were going to be my very best friend.

Your birth was the greatest thing to happen in my life, you completed our little family and made us all so happy. You were such a dorky little baby and the way Mummy dressed you, you would have thought you were a relative of Shakespeare. You were the greatest plaything for Ruth and I and I loved kissing your cheeks because you were so chubby. You always had that cute baby smell, and had such a love for everything that it was so refreshing to see the world through your eyes.

Over the years you kept my secrets, like when I ran into scaffolding and knocked myself out, you somehow managed to get me into our den and wash my face with a wet tissue to try to revive me. We made mini-forts in the living room and stressed Mummy out with our rough play fighting; I guess we were the little boys she never had huh? We had a lot of fun acting like Ruth was our Mum and our afterschool snacks of hot dogs and tomatoes. The year my anxiety started to take over my life Moo, you acted like my big sister and would walk most of the way to my tutor room with me. You were always happy to go into the school bathrooms with me if I felt a little panicky. Growing up even though it frustrated me to no end, you copied everything I did, sometimes you were even better than me. Not only have you been such a wonderful little sister, the one who completed our 3 maria’s trio, but you’re also the greatest friend. I love you so much and want to thank you for the undying love you have given our family and myself.


Here are the 20 things I love about you;


  1. You’re fearless;

As a kid Ruth and I were always shy, even with our own family we were afraid to speak up or ask anything but you, you weren’t like us. In restaurants you were happy to ask for more drinks, or condiments if we didn’t have any. You were never afraid to talk to strangers (this was probably not the best thing) and you could make friends so easily. You didn’t let fear stop you from discovering things as a kid and even now as an adult, you continue to grow and learn things as you go.


  1. You’re thoughtful;

You’ve always seemed so independent so sometimes we don’t see eye to eye on certain things. I have to admit in the past I’ve questioned whether you actually cared about me, but then one year, after being away from home for so long, I came back to Devon, went up to my room, and discovered you and Ruth had decorated my bedroom for Christmas. You had even added some paper snowflakes on my wall. It was the most wonderful welcome back I had ever felt and I was so thankful for you all. Another occasion particularly memorable was when you were going through the phase of constantly disagreeing with Daddy but one day when he got sick, you came home armed with treats and did your bit to nurse him better. Under your tough exterior you do really care and have such a big heart.


  1. You’re adventurous;

You’ve always had a thirst for knowledge and ever since you got old enough to do things on your own you’ve been taking every opportunity to discover the world. You’ve been on so many fantastic adventures and I hope you continue to discover new countries and cultures. You passion for exploring and doing new things is making me want to travel the oceans too. If the world was fantastic through your little baby eyes, I bet it’s even better now that you’re able to understand and feel it a lot more.


  1. You never give up;

Over the years I’ve seen you rise and fall. I’ve seen you achieve your goals and I’ve seen you lose some things too. Each time you’ve brushed yourself off and gotten back on to the competition. You’re a strong and competitive person and you never give up, it’s so inspiring. Along with your fearlessness you tirelessly work to achieve your goals and dreams. Even if at first it seems impossible you carry on going until you get to where you want to go, I hope this is a quality you keep with you forever. It doesn’t matter what people say, or even if they laugh, remember that people laughed at that guy who said we could fly, now look how high we can go. There’s always going to be a critic but as long as you believe you can do it, you will achieve it.


  1. You’re a hard worker;

I’m glad that one of the biggest qualities our parents have instilled in you is hard work. How many University students can say they are achieving great grades, having an active social life, maintaining a long term relationship all whilst working 2 jobs. You my dear sister, have never been afraid of hard work, and you work damn hard for it. Because of this, you get to keep your independence, you don’t have to rely on anyone to treat you nicely, spoil you with gifts or take you to places. You can do all of that for yourself and isn’t that just so much more rewarding? Your ambition and work ethic will take you to places some people can only dream of and I know that your dream to succeed in life is your motivation to keep powering through, it will get you there, just be patient. You’re making us proud (and tired) watching you juggle the many aspects of your life but I know it will pay off soon.


  1. You’re smart;

You were the kid who enjoyed doing spelling tests and mathematic tests for fun. Like when Daddy would bring home practice maths exams, GCSE and A level ones and you would just sit there doing them even though you were only in primary school. You are by the one of the smartest people I know and I know people who are studying in Oxford and Cambridge, even they don’t have the street smarts and intelligence you do. All those books you read as a kid and homework you actually liked doing; well I guess it’s showing just how much they can help. You’re both book and life smart Moo and I know you’ve only just moved out but you’ll be fine because it’s like you were all ready to do that long ago. Just a little more learning about the outside world and you’ll be on your way to leading your own country. Maybe, I mean it could be a possibility one day; the important thing is that you do something great with your intellect.


  1. You’re funny;

When you were younger you would entertain us with your improve acting. I remember my favourite act was old man drinking a bottle of coke…I particularly enjoyed the noise you would make opening the glass bottle and the fizz escaping. You were the funniest little kid. You were naughty too, ripping up our family pictures for funsies and hiding them in your nappy. You had a thing for animals too and would often be found hiding under the kitchen table sleeping or eating with our dogs. Yep, you were such a social butterfly that you could find a friend anywhere and that was because you made everyone laugh with your infectious personality and cute little laugh.


  1. You’re a go getter;

When you say you’re going to do something, you go ahead and do it. When Daddy was convinced it would take you a long time to learn to drive, you went ahead and passed your driving test, first out of us 3 sisters even though you’re the youngest. When you thought you had to retake A levels but you wanted to go to University, you went ahead and got yourself a place at Uni to study the course you had desperately wanted to study. You are a doer Molly, you’re not the type of person to say one thing and never do it, and you’re the kind of person who follows their list of goals religiously ticking off each accomplishment. It’s been great to watch your childhood dreams come true and to see you come up with new and exciting things to add to your list. As you grow older you’ll see that the world opens up a little more giving you more opportunities to achieve your goals and see new things, I know if anyone would make the most of this it would be you, all I ask is that wherever you go, whatever you do, you don’t forget us little people here, cheering you on and missing you always.


  1. You’re savvy;

I remember this one time when Daddy was short on change for parking and he needed to borrow a few pennies off of you, you agreed to lend him this small fortune if he promised to give you interest on top of it. In the end you actually made a few pounds from this deal, and this began your uncanny ability to make money from seemingly simple things. You’re so savvy, in so many ways it’s crazy. You are a little entrepreneur and you have a knack for it. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day you ran a successful business, and why not? It’s like you were born to do that.


  1. You’re surprising;

Despite knowing you from birth there are still so much I don’t know about you. I guess it’s because as we grow, we continue to change with our likes and dislikes, personalities etc. You surprise me all the time with the new sides of you that I am honoured to witness. Sometimes you’ll say something that I wasn’t expecting or you’ll know a random fact that I wouldn’t have guessed you’d know anything about. Sometimes I think I have you figured out then you do something to catch me off guard and it’s fun to see our dynamics change over the years. May you continue to wow and amaze others with your surprising and enchanting personality.


  1. You’re fun;

There are very few people I know who can lead such busy lives and still go out and have fun. You do that most days Moo, how do you have the energy to go to lectures, see your boyfriend, go to work and then go out and see friends afterwards? I mean, when do you get time to sleep, and I know you sleep because we’ve taken naps during the day together plenty of times. In fact most of the time if I can’t get hold of you it’s because I know you’re sleeping. How do you do it so effortlessly as well? Whatever your secret is, I have so much fun when I’m with you. I like visiting home and having you there because whether we’re ghost hunting, watching the crime channel or making pancakes for dinner, I have the most fun when I’m with you.


  1. You never judge;

As sisters do we’ve all squabbled from time to time. Either it’s all 3 of us versus each other, 2 versus 1 or 1 versus 1 with 1 not wanting to be part of it, you’ve always managed to have a voice of reason. For the most part you’ve been able to listen to our problems without judging and have given me sound advice. You’re not a judgemental type which I think makes you such a valuable person to have, you understand that we’re only humans and that we make mistakes and you don’t punish us for that. Having that quality as a human being shows you were raised right.


  1. You’re forgiving;

Going alongside understanding the humans make mistakes, I will say that you’ve never been the kind of person to hold a grudge for long. You have actually always been quite good at forgiving people for their past digressions. One thing is for sure though, you are not one to be messed with and so it makes your forgiveness just that much more honourable, because it’s not so easy to anger you but when they do, you can find it in yourself to forgive the poor bastard.


  1. You’re talented;

You were always so good at finding hidden talents when you were younger, you excelled in learning new languages, musical instruments, art, drama, writing, maths, sciences, history, everything pretty educational. But as you got older it was like you started to lose confidence in yourself a little bit. All I have to say is that confidence may have wavered but you are still every bit as talented as back then. When you sit at the piano you can still play music from memory, when you put effort into creatively writing, what you produce is a page-turner, when we discuss current affairs or fun facts you’re always the smart one with all the answers. You are every bit as talented as when you were younger; the difference now is you probably don’t have as much interest for the same things as before. That’s okay though because you have new talents, new interests and new opportunities to develop your skills. I love how you’re not just content doing the same things over and over again and you still have a thirst for learning and experiencing new things.


  1. You’re passionate;

You’re a passionate person, with a lot of love for things in this world. You are opinionated and not afraid to share that. You try to inspire in what you do. I love how your passionate for the things you love hasn’t wavered over the years. I still have a lot to learn from you, I’m glad we have the time to share each other’s passions.


  1. You’re compassionate;

You have a big heart and care so much for other people. You want to make this world a better place and though sometimes you want to make yourself seem very tough, I know deep down you care a great deal about everything. Being so conscious of the kind of way you act towards others, no matter who or what they are is such an admirable thing and I’m so happy that you’re growing up to be an upstanding person who makes a great contribution to our evolving society, I hope your kids learn that quality from you.


  1. You aren’t easily fooled;

Even though you always want to see the good in people you are also very headstrong. You’ve never been one to follow so easily, you like to march to the sound of your own drum and don’t often care what other people think. You’re so brave to be so confident in yourself and people know that it’s hard to deceive you, I guess that’s why those who have remained in your life are so special to you, they’ve earned their place and you’ve worked hard to know who you can trust. I love how you can stand firmly with what you believe and you don’t like to make assumptions until you know the facts, Moo I’m so proud that you’re so head strong.


  1. You give great advice;

Even when you were younger you were able to give such great advice. I remember when we were still in High school and I was going to you for advice on guys and friends. You were always able to look past what I could see and give an alternative opinion that often opened my eyes to a whole new situation. You have always been wise beyond your years, Ruth and I like to think it’s because we’ve always been upfront and honest with you about growing up and what being a teenager is like. But actually is because you’ve always been so switched on. I guess you can often see right through people’s bullshit and are able to keep your opinion no matter what anyone else thinks. You’re ability to maintain your individuality when it’s so much easier to follow the crowd is what makes you such a remarkable individual and that is why I will always trust your advice. On the flip side of things, you aren’t that great at taking advice, but I guess it’s because you’ve always been fiercely independent, as you grow older, I do trust more and more that you know what is best for you and that you do what you do in order to better your life. If that is good enough for you then I will stand aside and simply support you the best way I can. I just hope that no matter how old you get, you’ll still want to ask your older sisters for some advice, you know we’re always happy to put our two pence in.


  1. You’re beautiful;

Not only are you aesthetically and physically beautiful but you’re mind and heart are equally so. First of all I don’t understand where you got your long legs from, how do you manage to look effortlessly gorgeous, tanned without needing to sunbathe, slim without having to exercise and your eyebrows. You had those eyebrows even before Cara Delevingne made it popular. Then you were also blessed with that killer smile and great fashion sense. Sometimes I think you were adopted then I see our Mum and Ruth and see how beautiful they are… maybe I’m adopted? Nah, it’s okay, I know I’m beautiful too. At least that’s what Mummy says so… Moo, you do everything with such beauty, you have a talent for finding beauty in something so ordinary.


  1. You’re amazing;

I want to laugh but this last one really sums up everything about you, you are just the funniest person I have ever met, somehow you continue to amaze us all with your character and how you’ve grown up. You may not have always had the greatest opportunities in life but you’ve always made the best of everything you have got. You are amazing because you continue to strive for the best, fight for what is right and love with all of your heart. You don’t let the outside world control you and even when the going gets tough, you battle through. I know life isn’t easy, and I know you sometimes get tired of always having to fight for what you want but please know you are such a strong person and you will always come out on top if you continue to believe in yourself. Moo, if there’s anything I’ve learned from you, it’s that we should all grab every opportunity we can to make ourselves happy. Someday your life will fall into place and you’ll realise that all the hardships were put there to lead you down your path of joy and abundance, for now, keeping fighting the good fight, stick to what you believe in and always be thankful for what you have, what you had, where you came from and where you are going. Because if the last 20 years have been an indication, you are going to be going a long way. Your journey is going to be long but fruitful and I know you have it in you to be successful, just keep your mind focused and keep dreaming big.

Every day I continue to feel blessed to have such a wonderful lady in my life. I am honoured to be your favourite, middle sister, and for being able to share your life with you. I enjoy seeing all the new ways you grow as a person and all the changes you are making to the world around you. I am proud to be a part of your family and I hope that someday we will be able to grow old and grey together, watching our kids run around like we did when we were young. Thank you for making my life that much more colourful, for adding a little sparkle in my days and for being the most wonderful little sister, this middle sister could ask for.

Thank you for all the laughs and the tears through our 20 wonderful years, I hope we get to discover more of the world together.

Always remember, books before boys because boys bring babies… oh and you’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Yours Always,




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