Making a House into a Home


We moved a lot when I was young, we lived in all sorts of apartments and houses but it felt like we moved so often that we never really had a chance to fully settle in anywhere and truly make it a home.

When we moved to the UK it was the first chance we ever really got to set some roots and take the time to really care about the four walls we called our house. My sisters and I had our own individual rooms for the first time and our Dad allowed us to arrange our rooms to how we wanted it. But even then there were rules, certain colours we could choose, furniture and curtains, we had to stick to the stuff we had, our floors were all varnished and even though we could put up posters or pictures we liked, we still had very similar looking rooms. Same pink walls, same white wall lighting fixtures, same stained wood floors. There was not a lot of choices for individualities but I had so many ideas for when I finally had my own house to decorate.

On the final year of University, my partner and I moved in together. We rented our 2 bedroom house with 2 en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen a living room, a garden and a study. For two students it was quite a generous sized house and we had a great time decorating the place to make it our home for the year.

Again there were limitations to what we could do because we were renting the property. We had to stick to plain walls, weren’t able to hang any pictures or artwork up. But with furniture we were a little more adventurous, we made sure the décor was something we both liked. We figured if we couldn’t brighten up the house with colours on walls and floors, we would have flowers, trinkets and furniture that could make our house feel less of a student house and more of a young couple’s home.

It was the first time I got to really take the time to appreciate décor, thinking about how to match things and what looked good. I have to say interior decorating is a lot of fun and so satisfying to see how a room can change from such little things like a new light fixture.

During this year, Norbert (my partner) and I planned what our first home would be like. We decided we would have colour themes to each room, I was pretty insistent on medium light wooden furniture throughout the house and I was excited to be able to paint statement walls in the living room. We pretty much knew how we wanted our first dream home and couldn’t wait to get started.

After graduation, we were very fortunate to find temporary accommodation. We had a lot of stuff accumulated from our time living in our student home and were so surprised we could even store them without having to use a storage facility.

Fast forward to 2015 and we moved into our first home. A cute little 2 bedroom house in a very random place that’s slowly growing to become a place we consider home. When we moved in the house was in semi-good condition. The exterior looked okay, good condition, the only complaint was some minor issues and the way the rooms were designed was very outdated. The walls were painted a weird faded yellow colour. The kitchen looked like it was designed any moons ago but it didn’t matter, we were in love.

We knew from the moment we first saw the house that it was going to be our favourite project. There were a lot of superficial work that needed to be done and we could finally decorate it how we liked, the colours could be any colour we wanted, we could pull out the old yellow carpet and replace it with fluffy new ones. The world was our oyster and we were so excited.

The first thing we decided to do was use those room decors we had collected and start to make our house feel more like our home than the previous owners home. But it didn’t work, the décor from the previous house just didn’t suit the vibe that this house did. I realised our taste from basically a year before was a lot different than now, it sounds crazy but we had matured a lot in that year, a lot of the things we thought were ‘cool’ just didn’t balance with what we liked now.

Those basic home renovations that the average joe could do was our next step, but work and social lives took over and we found ourselves living in the house for basically a year before we even got around to picking up a brush.

You’re probably thinking, so what is this blog post about? It’s more of an introduction. An introduction to a series I’m hoping to introduce into my little blog.

My partner and I have decided that in February 2017 we would have been living in our home for 2 years, we don’t want to get to that point and find that the half painted hallway is still very much unfinished, the bannister I destroyed trying to sand down will hopefully have been fixed and my god if we don’t get the paint off of the lovely wooden floors (my favourite part of the house) then I will promise here that I will pay the first commenter on this post £100. I hope to start a new mini-series where you go through the basic home renovations (painting, decorating etc.) every week I will pledge my progress with you, share tips that I’ve learned and DIY ideas that I’m learning as I go along. I mean, my partner and I only recently learned you can’t just paint straight on the wall without preparing it. I mean if you’re a new homeowner, recent mover or just generally curious how people deal with the stress of painting a wall when it was probably cheaper to pay someone to do it (better). I figure if I pledge a weekly update/blog post then maybe I’ll get my partner and I motivated to actually finish painting the house because that ugly yellow is still a recurring theme in our house. I don’t mean yellow is ugly by the way, it’s just the colour specifically on our walls is like… the closest thing I can compare it to is a faded white wall that has been stained with cigarette smoke and failure. Do with that, what you will.

So if you’re interested in our DIY journey of making our House into a Home, stick around, I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching two completely clueless people paint one wall with two different colours (did you know WHITE is not one standard colour? There are several variations. And yes people will notice). Stay tuned for my first DIY Monday next week!

Wish us luck!

Scott and Jessy


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