The things I love about you. 5 Years on.


“I want you. All of you. Yours flaws. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you, and only you.”

Hi Habibi,

Can you believe that tomorrow we’re going to be celebrating 5 years of meeting and falling in love? If you told me back then that you and I would be living in our own little slice of heaven, forging our way through careers, obstacles and our dreams, well I might not have believed you. But here we are, two very different people but one thing remains our love.

I feel so honoured to have been able to share the past 5 years with you, watching you grow, watching you discover yourself and become the hardworking and kind, gentle giant that your parents are proud of. I’m proud of you too. I don’t know many others who have taken the kind of year you’ve had and come out of it even more determined to reach your dreams, I know if you keep your optimism and faith, you will achieve anything your heart desires.

2016 was such a tough year for us, both professionally and personally. It would be one of those make us or break us kind of years and I want to thank you for being my rock through it all. I know I took more than my fair share of down and out days and you never complained or made me feel bad for it. You were my teammate and my greatest supporter. There comes a time in relationships when one person says to their partner ‘I really need you’ and I feel like not once have I had to do that. You’ve been front and centre for the ups and lowest of lows for me. You saved me in 2016, just like you saved me when we first met in 2012.

There are hundreds of ways I could tell you I love you, there are many ways I show you I love you on a daily basis, we both know I would gladly take up the challenge, but I also know how despite you being my greatest supporter, you are also a very visual person, so my words, though much appreciated would probably be better saved for when I can sit you down and tell you just how you’ve made my life much more colourful and how you’ve given me the greatest hope that someday all of my wildest dreams will come true.

But I’ll let you into a secret, one of my wishes has already come true…it was granted so, the day I met you.

I think back to 2012 and how different I was. My outlooks on love and relationships aren’t what they are now. I was immature; naïve and I didn’t understand how adult relationships worked even though I was convinced I knew it all. I thought back then that I knew everything there was to know about guys, love, relationships and adulthood but in reality, I had a lot of growing up to do. Back then I don’t think I was ready for it, I wasn’t ready for someone to come into my life and turn it all around. Maybe you knew that maybe you understood by my unwillingness to connect on anything but a superficial level that I wasn’t going to blindly follow into a relationship with someone I didn’t trust.

It wasn’t the easiest of starts, you made the beginning so special for me, though. I knew from our first kiss you were going to be different, but honestly, I didn’t know just how special you were going to be.

I still remember how I literally heard the birds singing when you first held my hand, it was like no other romance I’d ever experienced and I was so afraid to lose you before I even met you.

But what was it that made you fall in love with me? Why did you put up with the first year of my resistance to trusting you, why did you choose me? Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed by the love that you give me that I question the whole existence of our love. Then you go and remind me that I should just enjoy the moment rather than look for flaws, and I realise now that is how it works with us. We compliment each other’s flaws and support each other when we’re not 100%.

Thank you for not letting me ruin the beautiful relationship and life we’ve built together. Thank you for believing in me, but most of all thank you for loving me when I didn’t deserve it because that is probably when I needed your love the most.

I believe meeting your soul mate comes once in a lifetime, I’m so lucky I met you when I was 19, it just means that we’re going to hopefully have longer together! We get to celebrate more special times and many more years of adventures together. Aren’t we lucky? I know sometimes I can forget to be thankful for the blessing that you have brought into my life, but I always feel it. Every morning when I wake up, in the comfort of your embrace, I feel this tremendous feeling of being safe and at home, knowing that I have you in my life makes me feel like I can face anything. I am so lucky to have your support and love, and I hope you know just how happy I am to be part of your team.

So as my way of sharing with you the reasons I love you, I thought I’d gather 60 things I love about you, though I will say, the list could go on. That’s the thing with loving someone so wonderful as you, I could be writing my essay forever.

Sit tight my Habibi, this is all for you.

60 things I love about you;

  1. I love how you sing along to any catchy song, even if you don’t know the lyrics.
  2. I love how you cry at sad videos, and you do it without shame.
  3. I love how you leave the radio on in the kitchen and when I’m doing the dishes and you hear a song you like, you grab me and slow dance with me.
  4. I love how you laugh in your sleep.
  5. I love the way you look at yourself in the mirror making weird facial expressions to see what your eyebrows look like.
  6. I love how you literally take 1 minute to choose an outfit.
  7. I love how you can have proper conversations with me even when you’re asleep.
  8. I love how you never tire of watching trashy TV with me.
  9. I love how you love car picnics as much as I do.
  10. I love how you love my family just as much as I do.
  11. I love how you’ve brought so many wonderful people into my life, such as your lovely family.
  12. I love how you stand on tip toes when you aren’t wearing shoes because you’re convinced your foot arch is meant to be 5 inches or something.
  13. I love how you take naps on the recliner like an old man.
  14. I love how you love cuddly toys like me.
  15. I love how you are so kind and loving.
  16. I love how you care so much about people, you truly are the most compassionate person that I know.
  17. I love how you have similar quirks as me.
  18. I love how you take Disney movies very seriously.
  19. I love how you care so much about my Filipino heritage that you’re trying to embrace it for me.
  20. I love how easy you are to get along with.
  21. I love how passionate you are about your work.
  22. I love how honest and trustworthy you are.
  23. I love how you’re a fountain of knowledge; we need to go to a pub quiz.
  24. I love how you love to read too.
  25. I love how you’re unashamedly you, that’s how it should be.
  26. I love that your ‘hips don’t lie!’
  27. I love how you shout ‘Honey I’m home’ when you come home from work.
  28. I love how you sing me to sleep when I’ve had a bad day.
  29. I love how you to this day, I owe you about 100 backrubs but you haven’t asked for them yet.
  30. I love how you’re super handy around the house, because ‘they’re daddy jobs’.
  31. I love how you remind me on a daily basis that we’re a team.
  32. I love how you never fail to make me smile when I’m sad.
  33. I love how you are so determined to bond with our new fur baby that you sometimes fall asleep with her on the dining room floor.
  34. I love how when you’re drunk, you have a strange obsession with hugging the toilet.
  35. I love how amazing you are at cooking BBQ food.
  36. I love how you love to go ghost hunting, even though you don’t believe in ghosts.
  37. I love how completely cuckoo you are for Cost-Co.
  38. I love how supportive you are over my creative projects and always invest in them even though it’s cost you a fair few pennies.
  39. I love how when I was taking my 5th driving test and was completely stressed about it, you wore your lucky underwear and lucky shirt to work.
  40. Also on those lines, I love how your lucky shirt and lucky underwear are basically shredded pieces of fabric that you call lucky because every time I do a massive clear out of your wardrobes, you hide them from me so they miss being chucked out.
  41. I love how you’ve got a list of childhood dreams that you’re slowly ticking off now that you’re in your 20’s.
  42. I love how you’re not afraid to do the dirty jobs; in fact, sometimes I think you enjoy it!
  43. I love how you like being the little spoon sometimes.
  44. I love how you try to speak Tagalog and we have a good laugh about it after.
  45. I love how you are so open to new things and are completely respectful to even things you don’t understand.
  46. I love how focused you are on your career path and you’re not letting anything stop you.
  47. I love how you stand by your word.
  48. I love how big your heart is and you have so much love to give.
  49. I love how you find the smallest thing hilarious.
  50. I love how you can be so silly sometimes; it’s hard to be serious when you’re in that kind of mood.
  51. I love how no distance is too far when it comes to travelling, you will come and see me if we’re apart and we need each other.
  52. I love how you listen.
  53. I love how brave you are.
  54. I love how you’ve got plans for the future and you’ve got hopes and dreams that go far beyond the material things.
  55. I love how thankful you are for your blessings.
  56. I love your optimism and ability to keep smiling even when you’re having a bad day.
  57. I love how always do your best to do what is right for our relationship.
  58. I love how you never fail to remind me how much you love me.
  59. I love how you make me want to be the best me I can be.
  60. I love how you are going to make a wonderful husband and father someday.

Till that day comes, I’m going to enjoy being with you, sharing these special moments together, celebrating the little things and overcoming any obstacles we face. I treasure each and ever day we spend together and hope that in another 5 years we can look back to this day and see how far we’ve come, together.

Giving you my heart has been the best choice I ever made, thank you for giving me a reason to smile every day and for helping me find my way through this world. I love every bit of you, you’re the most beautiful person on this planet and I hope that one day I can make you see just how much I appreciate you.

My darling, I am forever yours.

I love you today and always.

Always yours,



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