WHY WEDNESDAYS: Why Love is Important



“The chance to love and be loved exists no matter where you are.”
– Oprah

They say love makes the world go round, I truly believe this is true.

Love fills this world with so much goodness, it doesn’t even have to be a specific type of love, it can be romantic love felt between two lovers, or platonic love felt between two friends, familial love between siblings or even strangers who feel love and care for their fellow man. Love is the greatest gift we as individuals can give to one another.

There are so many aspects of love that enables each little intricacies to be interpreted in however way we feel comforted by. But what is it about love that is so amazing?

Well, I guess for me, love is so wonderful because it knows no bounds, genders, race or religion. It doesn’t have any intended negativity and does not exclude anyone. Love is limitless and can be given and taken no matter how little or much.

Love is the greatest way to unite, but can also divide, it can give us strength but paralyse us with fear. Love is a great neutraliser of situation, and yet so many of us spend our lives living without it.

It makes me wonder how much bad from this earth we can cast out by simple acts of love. How many arguments we can end or even prevent by showing love, how many illnesses we can cure from pure love, how many smiles we can bring by the kindness love can wash over us.

I know this sounds like the musings of a mad woman but just think about it, how calm and giddy do we feel on Valentine’s day when we know we have someone to share this special day with? How excited, nervous and appreciated do we feel when we receive something as simple as a card from our ‘secret admirer’, imagine that feeling 100% over throughout the year when we’re surrounded by positivity, light and love, whether that comes from your friends, family, lover or even just the stranger who smiled at you on the bus.

I feel like whilst the commercial holiday of Valentine’s day has been intended for romantic lovers, it also belongs to the lovers of life, the ones who want to spread joy, positivity and love around. It belongs to the dreamers who want to live in a world full of romantics and realists who can be at peace with one another.

Love is so important because of the power it gives all of us, from birth we’re given this superpower and only we can choose how to use it. Though life may knock us around, sometimes break us, sometimes hurt us, love gives us the strength to carry on, love gives us the hope that we may from time to time loose, but show me a person who is loved and feels loved who is a pessimist and a negative part of this society. Show me someone who is nurtured and cared for and appreciated, who hates mankind and spreads this kind of sadness around. I bet you can’t and why? Because when someone is full of love there is not much room for the heaviness of negativity and hate. Each one of us start out as a blank canvas and our journey’s paint us along the way, what adds colour is the love that we allow to touch the canvas of our world.

As corny as it sounds, I feel like Love is the only medicine that can cure the damaged society we live in. Whilst there are a silent minority who wish to cause us harm and spread their lessons on negativity, those with love in their heart can overpower the evil.

So what I’m really saying is if all it takes is a little celebration of love and affection to bring together lovers and friends and families and strangers, in our joint union of cringey gifts, admiration for our nearest and dearest and even laugh at the forgetful few who forgot it was valentine’s day again, then maybe we should try to treat other days like valentine’s day too? Maybe if we had more occasions to show appreciation for those we love, maybe if we had more positive things to bring us together, then this world would be a little less sad, a little less divided and a little more full of love?

So yes, maybe Valentine’s day has been and gone for the year, but maybe you could still fill your days with a little Valentine’s day cheer?

Because spreading and love and feeling appreciated shouldn’t be limited to just one day of the year, try telling those who are important to you, just how much they mean to you and watch how quickly it can change their day.

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Always remember…

Do something to make your parents proud today, your kids proud someday but most importantly, you proud every day!

Peace and Love

Jessy x


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