14856_10151289329429125_674197838_nAbout Me.

My name Jessica-Joan Matabang Richards, I was born in the Philippines in 1992 and lived there until I was 7 years old at which point my family and I moved to England. With no grasp of English and no Tagalog speaking schools (the most widespread language in the Philippines) I found it very hard adapting to this new way off life but in the end I did, it seemed like one minute English was an alien language, then the next minute I was ordering my first coffee in English,  putting my hand up in class and speaking it fluently, this has taught me to be understanding about other cultures and respectful of people when they aren’t sure what they are doing. This may not seem to have relevance to journalism, but being a journalist ins’t just reporting news, its understanding people, situations, events, and making sense of them, interpreting them the best you can and this is what I am good at, I find that I step back and look at the whole event, only by looking at the bigger picture can we see the finest detail.

I am an adventurous person, I love seeing new sites, meeting different people capturing it on my cameras as I go. Keeping record of all of the important things so I can always remember them, that’s what is really important in life, remembering.


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