Skills & Experience

 Staffordshire University – (BA Joint Hons) Journalism & Media Studies

I had work experience with the Plymouth herald, working in the photography department, this is where I cam across my first real news story, a hit and run in which a Lady sadly lost her life. Standing there, staring blankly at a white sheet on the floor, only covering parts of a body, I turned to my mentor and asked “how do you deal with such sadness?”, She told me “I treat my camera as a portal, looking into another world that can’t hurt me or effect me, the only way to be a good journalist is to detach yourself from the situation”  I took plenty of photos before the police could cover up the scene, and brought them back to the office, this is when I learnt a rare lesson in journalism from the Chief editor, “You shouldn’t have to plaster horrible images all over the paper to make ‘news’, go back and take pictures once they have cleared the scene” This helps me realise that journalism doesn’t have to be a tool of destruction, it can also bring communities together, rally countries, make aware important issues or even just announcing that two people wish to get married, a fact that people seem to forget .

I also worked at Ivybridge an Southbrent gazette in the copy room helping to edit articles, this is where I got my first front page article about a local charity event at a donkey sanctuary that was threatened with closure. After a fund raiser advertised by the newspaper the sanctuary raised enough money to stay open for another year, there is nothing more rewarding than having something you contribute towards change a person’s or animals life forever.

At University I worked in staffs live taking photos and writing articles including 1 on a local motorbike rally which we didn’t even know about until we got caught up in it! luckily with a phone camera on hand I managed to squeeze an article out of it!

I have had work published by online shoe shop ‘shoeholics’

Work published on Staffs Live:

Pictures & creative writing I have published on Tumblr:

Hardware Skills –
I currently use, and am skilled with, a Nikon D3000 DSLR with 18-55mm & 70-300mm lenses and an Olympus mju 1030 SW (for my underwater shooting) and a Pentax ME Super SLR, for those shots that just dont look right with a digital camera!

Raul Sa Dantas ‘’


Software Skills –
I am well versed with:
QuarkXPress – I designed a magazine front page and double page spread for the ‘editing and production’ module on my course
Pixlr – I use this free online image editing software to manipulate images for my work from cropping to adding special effects
Final Cut Pro – I created at 30 minute television program for a media course called ‘Your Tube’
Garage Band – I use this for recording and editing music that I compose
Microsoft Excel – I use this for creating mock financial forecasts and working out budgets
Adobe Dreamweaver – At college I created 2 websites, the first being an online shop for craft items and the second being an information page about make up and beauty

Social Media –
I am familiar with, and use daily, facebook, twitter and instergram to help publicize my blogs and interact with people.
I also use Linkedin to find journalism connections

Other Skills
I am proficient at camping and orienteering, I spent 3 nights in a tent during the February storms of 2014, with no amenities other than a camping stove and a solar shower, investigating paranormal activity in Pembrey forrest, leaving a few days before the Park was closed for safety reasons. This proves that I am willing to brave hell or high water (or 100mph winds!) to get a story

Met Office map


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